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Detox Cleanse For Your Brain?

Posted on 15 April 2009 by Stefanie

The other day I went to the vitamin store to get some vitamins, and I was looking at the different cleanses they had and it got me thinking…

In the same way that it’s important to occasionally do a body cleanse, it’s just as necessary to do a detox cleanse for your mind!

Just like little toxins or garbage that can get stored in your body over time and look like extra weight that is burdensome and unattractive, the same thing can happen with your mind – you can end up carrying around extra weight that is ugly and negative – starting in little bits that build up over time.

With your body it can sneak up on you, feeling sluggish, then one day you look in the mirror and realize hey – you are 20 lbs overweight.  Well with your mind that negative energy, thoughts fear and doubts can start slowly and then become 20lbs of gained weight that’s hovering around you like a little black cloud above your head!

Your energy starts to go down, your spirits feel low, you are not sleeping through the nights, you’re becoming more of a pessimist – if this sounds familiar it could be things that you’ve been allowing to build up in your mind that you need to clear out of there in a detox cleanse – just like you might do for your body!

So how do you begin?

When I was feeling that way myself just a few days ago, I decided to spend some time outside to begin to cleanse my mind and release this extra “weight” that was there.  I simply walked away from my computer.  I grew up around a lot of beautiful nature, so that’s something that always helps me when I am feeling that way – it reminds me of who I was as a child when I was most innocent, and believed I could do anything and be anything when I grew up.

Every once in a while I need to connect with that little person.

The reality is, sometimes the negative news you hear, the fear you hear, the worries and doubts that seep in – all of these things create the necessity of bringing yourself back to that time of innocence – when you felt that there was nothing in the world you couldn’t do!

Maybe for you to cleanse your mind, you might want to begin taking meditation classes, or go to the beach and watch the sunset and breathe deeply or go to the gym, or you may just simply switch off the news and read only positive literature before bed, a time when your subconscious digests info best.

I know the importance of doing this myself because I must admit that I can be a very sensitive person.  It’s not something that I like, but I know that sometimes what rolls right off of other people’s backs tends to stay with me.

It’s one of the reasons that I left the TV business – I was very successful, but I was also continually surrounded by people that were taking advantage of other people, and I couldn’t stomach it anymore!

Now I’m in business helping people building dreams, create new lives, and see new light, which I love!

But even after a few years of what I’m doing now, I began to see the darkness that is there in this industry, and for a time it really made me unhappy!

The thing is, I believe and I know that Joint Ventures are the fastest and best way to achieving amazing business success, but I’ll admit that it doesn’t always seem to work out for the best.  I’ve had people that said they would collaborate with me and then taken my ideas, I have let it really get me down!

But what do I do?  Do I just quit again?

I’ve come to the realization that in every business there is a light side and a dark side, and that it is up to me as an individual to do all that I can to work on the light side and help it to prevail.

And every time I see an e-mail from someone that says something like, “Your JV Club rocks; Because of you I’m living my dream right now; etc.” I get SO encouraged!  And I know that is what I need to be focusing on – the good things – the cleansing things – the things that wash all of that negativity away and keep it from building up again!

The truth is, you can’t control what other people might do out of fear or desperation.  When people take your ideas or betray you in some way in business, they are working out of fear and lack mentality.

And I really believe they are the minority and the GREAT people are the majority.  And you get better with time in being able to spot them within 60 seconds.

I can only thank God that I don’t have to have that desperation; that I trust myself enough to know that I will come up with my own ideas when I need them – that I can look within while they are looking over someone else’s shoulder.  Knowing this gives me strength and helps me to be cleansed of the toxicity of focusing on the negative.

So I made that decision, and I truly can feel so much better about ANY business that I am involved in!

I used to subscribe to all my competitors e-mail lists to see what they’re doing, and now I don’t read their e-mails anymore and I feel so much calmer about it all!  I also get more genuine ideas and find that greater creativity flows because I am not putting that subliminal pressure on myself to keep up with what someone else is doing!

If you find yourself feeling this way and unable to get past the downers, do your own detox cleanse for your mind!

  • Go somewhere that gives you that break (take a walk, see some nature, have a relaxing bath, go on a vacation – whatever!)
  • Do an environment cleanse – clean up your office, unsubscribe from all those mailing lists, make sure you are surrounded by people and things that encourage (rather than discourage) you.
  • Begin to create from a place of calmness for your business, in ways that feel fun and inspiring for you rather than fearful or bitter.
  • Keep a list of the positive things that people are saying to you and focus on them – and FORGET about the negatives!
  • Remind yourself that even though it seems like there are some people that are succeeding by being ‘jerks’, real character does reveal itself eventually, and people will see your character showing through in the end – and that is what is going to make the biggest difference to your business by far!

I’ll just say one more thing – I know that Oprah, who is loved by MILLIONS, continually speaks to sold out events, and is one of the wealthiest and most successful woman in the world – has actually confessed that she sometimes barely reads or just skims past the praise, and the people that say something bad to her or about her are the ones she thinks about at night.

It doesn’t matter how much people love you or how much money you have – these things can still affect you!  You can do a project and have 1000 people tell you that you’re great, but you can get that 1 negative e-mail and have it all come crashing down.

Knowing this is truly powerful – because when you know it, you can realize how stupid it is to allow it to happen in your life!

So, make sure you take the time to cleanse that extra garbage that may be hanging out in your thoughts right now – let go of that extra weight, and breathe a sigh of relief!  Don’t you just feel better already?

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Detox Cleanse For Your Brain?

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Detox Cleanse For Your Brain?

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