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Brilliant Idea

Posted on 01 April 2009 by Stefanie

I have to type fast…I’ve been brewing for a while on an idea and I can finally begin to reveal it.  I’ve told some people in confidence and they’re saying it is brilliant and THEY WANT IT.  Shouting at me.  Which is cool.   Anyways, I wanted to share it with you first, it won’t be public for a while, and I can only let 75 people in on it…but I HAD to send this to you right away!

Can u believe its April 01st today?  Wow. How fast time goes.

In January I made a to-do list of the marketing things I wanted to get done – and I have to admit, mine is..well not exactly all checked off.  There are still things on my list that I just can’t seem to find the time to do myself (ok I admitted it, let’s just keep this between us).

How is yours doing?  Did you also make such a list in January?

Is your business marketing TO DO List for the year still… ahem…untouched?

Hey look…I’m not judging…in fact it happens to almost all of us. 

Running a small business, it can be seriously hard to find the EXTRA time to put all the marketing pieces together we know we should be doing to grow.

So I was sitting around thinking there has to be a solution…… now, this is TOP SECRET for a little bit longer…but all I can say is…

This ain’t no April Fool’s joke!

If you’re having trouble catching up with all those New Year’s Resolutions – those marketing efforts that you KNOW will increase your revenue and grow your business THIS YEAR – but just never seem to find the time?  Remember the Goals Book  I sent you this earlier in the year – If you are still trying to work towards those goals yourself…

Then, something is coming soon that’s going to make you wonder how the heck you EVER lived without it and will make you and your to-do list sigh in relief!!!

Why has no-one thought of this before?

This is no April Fool’s!  Stay tuned as I can only help 75 people – please!

Watch for more info here…AND DON’T PASS THIS INFO onto anyone!

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Brilliant Idea

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  1. Shawn Says:

    I discovered something interesting as I started to read this which i think you might find useful.

    The structure of the first sentence is a suggestions to the Unconscious Mind (perhaps you meant to do this?) to read quickly. The idea that it was “typed fast” made it as if I had to read it fast.

    I thought this was interesting and wanted to share. I will of course be stealing that concept and using it in the future!

    Have an awesome day!


  2. Stefanie Says:

    LOL I didn’t realize that – thank so much. Feel free to model.

    I just try to write in a way that people see this comes from a real person, with real emotions.

    Thanks so much


  3. Anne Says:

    Can’t wait Stefanie,

    AND I think I have an idea to match your proposal too!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Sandra here in Houston, TX …since the idea has been brewing awhile, I thought for a moment is this an April Fool’s Joke. Then I realized as I continued to read…I knew you were serious… especially a limited number of people this would be shared with!

    Stefanie, I look forward to the upcoming news and hopefully this may be what I need because I have so many ideas, and not enough marketing plans to implement my ideas. If I only had a team of marketers for my ideas we could really go places, move mountains, and have some fun in the meantime!

    All the Best for you Stefanie

  5. Vickie Says:

    Stefanie!…Whatever you are up to, is hitting my curiousity button big time!! I always know you have the best innovations and solutions for business owners and I can’t wait to find out what you are up to. Whatever it is…I’m in!

    Curious in Colorado


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