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Are You Taking Advantage of the NEW Money Making Opportunities?

Posted on 11 March 2009 by Stefanie

There’s a whole new way of earning a living that wasn’t available 10 years ago, but that today is building massive success stories and even millionaires.

Growing up, you were probably taught in school and by parental figures that there’s a pattern to life.

You start with elementary school, then high school, then university, then getting a job and making money for someone else (often while carrying the hefty burden of a student loan).

Then, retirement (although that has begun to change as more tired workers expecting to finally be able to enjoy life are finding out that retirement isn’t even an option for them).

To be fair, working for others is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a great experience in your life.

What is not natural is how many millions of people are only one pay-check away from disaster, that the entire socially accepted system is based on making money for someone else, and that someone else can just fire you at anytime.

You earn just enough to pay your bills, but it’s never enough to travel and enjoy the world, or to buy that big back yard jacuzzi to soak in at night, or even to feel secure and happy about your future!

Instead, you feel trapped – with no end of the cycle in site.

Does this seem “natural” or secure to you?

I’ve come to realize that society’s “rules” are not really rules at all – they’re simply one way that you could choose to live.

While it seems that most people buy into these rules without a second thought, the real truth is that you can live pretty much anywhere you want to on this planet, you can choose your vocation, and you can live to the beat of your own drum.

This society accepted cycle or “rule”, also happens to be largely based in fear:

  • The fear of striking out on your own
  • The fear of employers not having enough worker bees
  • The fear of being different or unaccepted by society

Have you ever gotten the feeling that banks treat entrepreneurs or people that are self-employed as not really employed?

But when does something that is based in fear ever turn out to be the best way to go in life?

And who were the people who first came up with this hair-brained idea that there is only one “decent way” to make a living?

My bet is that it was the aristocrats, the government, wealthy factory owners, or simply people living in perpetual fear of the unknown.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, because they are history and you are not.

You are living in one of the most exciting and changing times the world has ever seen!

You live in an incredible time in the history of the planet. Never before could you get so much education and have so much direct knowledge at your fingertips.

If you want to learn about money making opportunities, you can find a millionaire online who is teaching it. If you want to learn how to teach or work in another country, you can go online and find that.

With the power of the internet and new technology (like online video and podcasting) you can not only learn from experts all around the world, but you can become one!

  • You can learn money making opportunities and work for yourself by selling your ideas.
  • You can teach others who want to learn from you!
  • You can even have your own TV or radio show at zero cost and zero permission from anyone and gain instant celebrity status.
  • You can write a book online and sell it
  • You can create a learning program online and sell that around the world
  • You can become an article writer where thousands can read and download your work at the push of a button and without any publisher

And all of this at no cost to you!

There are people from all over the world who are interested in your topic will seek you out, and you can simply sell them what they want.

In today’s world, you can earn an incredible living by earning money or creating a business where you simply sell information that you already have, and through becoming known as an Expert in your field by sharing that information and helping others.

The greatest thing about this is that you can literally re-invent yourself.

Say you were an accountant by day for many years, but your secret passion was travel. Being an accountant, you were at the same time a very savvy traveller.

In fact, you found not only destinations that were undiscovered by hordes of tourists and were dirt cheap for the American dollar, but you studied and found out how you could fly with free upgrades and at much lower costs than the average traveller.

Well – that could be your business!

If you have the expertise and experience, there is nothing stopping you from creating a travel membership site for others, or an ebook series or ezine series where you sell tips for savvy travellers – or even interviewing industry travel experts on your own radio show where you can give your audience even greater travel tips and hot spots!

The main point you should take away from this is the realization that you were probably taught the wrong way to make money.

97 out of every 100 people will go their entire lives without learning the right way to make money. The good news is that virtually anyone can be taught how to make six figures annually.

The big secret that wealthy people know is this: Making money has nothing to do with age, formal education, gender or geography.

The second concept you need to understand in order for anything to change in your life is that MONEY is simply a REWARD or an EXCHANGE for something else.

That’s it!

Money could be stones or beads or paper (as it is today).  It is not unreasonable to think you can acquire a lot of green or purple (or whatever color it is in your country) pieces of paper!

Money is not scary or powerful or elusive.

It is just paper – simply an exchange or reward for something else (yes, I repeat myself, but it is so important!).

To help put this in perspective for you, look at the 3 main strategies for making money making opportunities (or acquiring paper):

One: Trading Time for Money. That’s when you pretend to work and they pretend to pay you.

The big flaw with this method is that people work their entire lives until they’re exhausted, and then barely have any time off to enjoy their money.

You may feel stuck or unable to do what you want or get what you need because the bills outweigh the bank account.  Having a job means that you are exchanging your time, so you don’t get paid unless you work specific hours.

Essentially, you become a slave to your job. What you earn will always be limited. You can’t work more hours than there are in a day and working crazy hours makes your family life suffer. You end up exhausted.

So where’s the prize here?

Two: Trading Money for Money. This method is used only by 3% of the population today.

The Golden rule of investing is – only invest what you can afford to lose.  It begs the question – If you don’t have the money to start out with, how are you ever going to get into it?

Three: Trading Value for Money. This is what I do, and what I mentor other people to do.

You get paid for your value when you solve someone’s problem or give them information, training or experience.
Thousands of people just like you are learning how to make money by selling their information or expertise.

They’re capitalizing on their own imaginations, knowledge of life or work experiences by selling information they already have and building a home-based business out of it – often times with no employees.

The best part is, they are spending next to nothing to get started!  All you really need is a computer and a phone.

Your computer & your phone can become your own ATM machine. You will not only gain power and freedom over your life, but you’ll also receive heartfelt thank-yous from people – which is usually more rewarding and fulfilling than anything else.

You could be throwing away literally thousands of dollars every month by not sharing your knowledge. All people have a built-in natural need to learn from others in this world, which is why this “business” or way of earning money has become so incredibly successful.

You constantly share information and experiences with your friends family to help them out, so why not bottle it and help even more people?

Share your information with even more people and make money in the process!  It’s a win/win. You feel great and so does your customer.

Do you enjoy working for yourself?  Would you like to make a minimum of $100,000 a year? Can you work from home and set your own hours?

Imagine being able to live life in a more “natural” way, the way I believe you are meant to, where you help others while you get to enjoy the good things in life like creating your own raises and salaries whenever you want to, going to the park or Disneyland with your family on a moment’s notice and without carrying any financial burdens or debt load of a educational loans.

Wouldn’t you love to make six figures a year from your couch or home office?  Millions of people are using intellectual property marketing to make money for themselves. So can you.

To learn how you can create this type of business step by step simply visit for more info or email me:

Considered one of America’s most influential entrepreneurial mentors to help you get clients, skyrocket sales, and become famous in your niche or field, Stefanie Hartman is known as “The Expert’s Expert”. CEO of Centaur Strategies, she founded the entrepreneur’s “Millionaires-in-Training Mentorship Program”, that literally teaches you how to re-invent yourself, become a published expert and create a six-to-seven-figure annual income from selling information you already have! Learn the “behind-the-scenes’ marketing, business & profit secrets from the marketing expert to the guru’s.

Are You Taking Advantage of the NEW Money Making Opportunities?

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Are You Taking Advantage of the NEW Money Making Opportunities?

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