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Are You Basing Your Niche Marketing Strategy on a Mythical Foundation?

Posted on 11 March 2009 by Stefanie

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Junk in the Trunk’?

It’s actually a slang term that refers to someone that has a full figured bottom.  You know I’m on the treadmill a couple of times a week to reduce my back end – but in your business, you really need some junk in the trunk!

FACT:  The bigger the back-end of your organization, the bigger your bank account.

If you want to maximize your list, have additional profits centers that bring in money while you sleep and have a system in place that sells to people who already love your stuff, this is stuff you need to know!

FACT: Knowing these common niche marketing myths and understanding those ‘junk in the trunk’ implications is going to make your business easier and much more profitable.

Here’s an example for you:

Think about marketing a book. It’s often the first info-product that people create, and it is one that illustrates a valuable lesson.

FICTION: Once I take my book to Best-Seller status, I’ll be rich and home free!

It’s true – having a best-selling book gives you credibility, helps you to gain publicity and gets you media attention.  It’s also a lovely gold sticker on your book!

But if a marketing person tells you that all you need to do is get your book to number one and you’ll be set, you should run! (Or at least stop paying them!)

Here’s why: Essentially, a book is only a very large business card.  It’s your lead generator, but it should be just one of many. Best-seller status will get you into the press, it will introduce you to new customers and it will let people know who you are and what you’re all about.

Robert Allen sold millions of copies of his first book “Nothing Down”, but after the publisher’s cut and everything else, he was lucky if he got $2 a book!

In his third book (one that he actually considered to be a dismal publishing failure!), he went through and identified about 15 places that where he would give readers a special report, a CD or an audio cassette.

Essentially, all he did was put “You want this?  Contact me here and I’ll give this to you”, in about 15 different places.

Well only 10,000 people called, but 5,000 of those people paid him 5,000 dollars for one of his high-end programs.  Do the math – that’s 25 million dollars!!

Extremely successful book marketing strategy – considered a publishing failure.

So, would you rather position yourself where you have to sell at least a million books to make a million dollars? Or would you rather put your marketing efforts into selling 60,000 books that could make you 25 million dollars?

Are you beginning to see how important having a back-end marketing strategy can be?

FICTION: You need to put thousands of dollars into a marketing campaign before you can see any return.

The only people that are ever going to tell you that are:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Other entrepreneurs that are still working off a marketing plan that isn’t working for them

You’ve probably noticed this, but advertising in magazines 7 times or more (industry recommended) is not cheap!

There are much easier (and cheaper!) ways to get your name and product out in front. One of the best is through doing Joint Ventures – you “borrow” their database, their customers, and even their website to sell your product – all at no cost to you!

FACT: No cost and low cost strategies are very effective!

FICTION: Once I write my book, my publisher will be in charge of getting my book out there, so I don’t need any marketing strategies.

This is probably the biggest misconception out there among new authors.

In niche marketing, you and you alone are responsible for getting your product out there, creating the sales and determining your own income.

A lot of publishers today won’t even take on new authors unless the author can demonstrate that they understand all this by submitting a marketing plan that describes all the different ways they’re going to get their product out there.

You need to know this.

As the creator of your product, YOU are in charge of:

  • Marketing your book, product or service
  • Having a big back-end strategy that sells additional product
  • Keeping your clients happy and coming back to you

FACT: Being well known or not is not the difference between little money coming in and a lot of money coming in. The truth is, it’s got everything to do with the information you have, your willingness to use it, and the model you are following.

The choice to put it into practice is yours alone.

Think about it – in your investment portfolio, you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you wouldn’t invest that way – why would you build your business that way?

Building a back-end strategy is crucial to your business!  And don’t ever let any inexperienced marketer tell you otherwise!

About Stefanie Hartman: Considered one of America’s most influential entrepreneurial mentors to help you get clients, skyrocket sales, and become famous in your niche or field, Stefanie Hartman is known as “The Expert’s Expert”.

CEO of Centaur Strategies, she founded the entrepreneur’s “Millionaires-in-Training Mentorship Program” that literally teaches you how to re-invent yourself, become a published expert and create a six-to-seven-figure annual income from selling information you already have!

You can learn the “behind-the-scenes’ marketing, business & profit secrets from the marketing expert to the guru’s.  Visit: and

Are You Basing Your Niche Marketing Strategy on a Mythical Foundation?

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Are You Basing Your Niche Marketing Strategy on a Mythical Foundation?

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