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Are you a 2011 Explosive Entrepreneur?

Posted on 18 December 2010 by Stefanie

The holidays are just around the corner, and with it comes our review of 2010 and our new plans for 2011.

Are you ready?

Well I have some news that will ease your mind about that so that you can take some time off to get some well needed rest & fun.

I have been talking for years about doing something different next year.  Changing my business up – and I have been preparing, working 12 hour days to get this email and link to you today.  I am breaking through new massive exposure barriers and I want to take 10 people with me.

So I would like to share my BIG NEWS:

As you may know for the past 2 years I have helped a small intimate group of people find their way, grow in leaps & bounds and create incredible businesses based on their personalities and goals.  They grew so much in their first year with me that 98% of them returned for a second year.

This is via my one and only Mastermind Group, where I take 7-10 people and work with them for a year to totally transform their businesses and lives.  They get access to me- that no one else does (exception to my private clients who pay 3 times as much as you do) plus mastermind members get to come to 2 live events per year that has only them and teachers  helping (not selling) them.

First News: I only open entrance to this year long special program once per year – and that day is today, possibly for the next couple of days is the only time you will ever be able to gain access:

We become like family.  It becomes a really cool unit where you feel warmth and trust and friendship.  You also get a brilliant team of people all gently PUSHING you to succeed and showing you your own talents & gifts!

We also have tons of fun – including staying at a pirates castle (a 22,000 square foot fully catered mansion) with limo service, warm Jacuzzis, dinner parties, fire dancers, and waterslides and fun just for us.  Meeting and hearing from some high profile people.

Here are some leaps that just a few of them have made:

Carmen – Architect & Designer – went from working her ‘time for money’ design firm to developing a whole internet operation that targets design students and wanna-be designers.  This formerly camera shy girl is shy no longer, she found her voice in the group and has won multiple design awards, been on media, launched her own design magazine AND has HGTV courting her now.  She is taking everything she learned and is launching several online design sites that are going to generate millions of dollars – we are so proud!

- Mom & Internet Maven – went from not really knowing what to do to discovering her god-given talents and trusting her knowledge and voice.  She dumped the project she was working on to create a huge international brand in a brand new subject – Intuitive parenting that will shake up the industry.  During the group interactions she just found “it” and when she did – watch out , insights, trainings, logos, content all of it came pouring out of her.  This former stuck girl is a woman who just needed to find her true calling to open the creative flood gates.  Her book is being published and her new brand and courses will be launched worldwide in 2011.

Brenda & Robert – Corporate Escapees & Consultants – came in together, each wanting their own thing but went from trying to sell everything under the sun to a clear and insanely popular product line for  business owners.  In the first quarter of 2011 they may replace their income for 2010.

– Europe Lexus High Powered Consultant – a hard working man who literally found a $10 million dollar hole in his revenue model through a mastermind only powerful business exercise at the first meeting.

– School Teacher – went from full time teaching to being able to cut her hours in half (her dream).  She also found her voice, her topic (the intuitive self) AND discovered her target market – teens.  Her book is almost finished and she is aligning with big charities to  forward her business goals and intuitive jewellery line to help stop bullying in schools and to empower kids.  In 2011 she is putting together her revenue model and will be on her way to the top!

Ross - Brain Science Trainer – went from someone with a great idea and great content in a crowded flaky market, to putting a whole new spin on his business plan, a successful partnership and a new target market – sports!  His is a success story on how you can take a brilliant product that was in the wrong market and tweak it for a hungry market that is blown away but what you offer.  Ross is eager to get into corporate sponsorship in 2011 and is talking to Olympic athletes.

Dr. Joni - went from a powerful woman with great content but a niche that didn’t fully understand her offerings, to a cool new fun brand that plays on her “Dr.” title, plus a new focused niche and whole new game plan for her business and even a website make-over.  She is poised to conquer this niche in 2011.

Nat - CEO Life Coach  – went from a coach doing private consults ‘trading his time for money’ to working with a team, created a online e-gift product for busy Entrepreneurs, and building an online coaching product with several levels for his executives.  He is well on his way to creating a HUGE 6-figure launch in 2011 – AND best part no more hourly work.  Yay!

There are several more – but I my hand is cramping writing all this – so I just wanted to let you know that I AM indeed continuing tradition and offering the mastermind for 2011…but with a twist (read on).

This is only offered 1 time per year.  Last year I sold out in 2 days and I have a waiting list for 2011.  So if interested set your calendar and be ready for when we launch on and apply here:

Here’s the twist: (and SECOND part of the NEWS)

In 2011 I will be launching my own books, making BIG changes in my own business and in the mood to take action and move members past concepts to getting it done.  So as a member you will also WALK AWAY with structured get it done results!

I am offering 100% of the cool package I put together LAST year – so you get those awesome features – but IN ADDITION you will also receive this NEW twist.

But instead of increasing the member fees to reflect the additions – I have just discounted it by 500 bucks!

So if you want to erase any worry about revenue or finding that missing piece that’s holding you back in 2011 then grab one of the 10 spots available (before my last year’s grads do) and TRULY be ready to ROCK IT in 2011!

All the Best,

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Are you a 2011 Explosive Entrepreneur?

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