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Speak Directly to Starbucks President

Posted on 01 September 2009 by Stefanie

Ever imagined how incredible it would be to sit down for coffee (no pun intended here) with the President of the super successful Starbucks Company AND get his advice of how you could make YOUR BUSINESS better?

How much would that be worth?

Actually his advice could be worth millions! He’s already proven he has – he personally grew the business from 28 stores to 400.

Well, understanding this, I made some high powered phone calls ON YOUR BEHALF and personally arranged for 2 lucky JV Club Members to get this very opportunity. Now realize I COULD HAVE taken this opportunity for myself – but I didn’t, instead I have chosen to help YOU, not me. Tell me how many Entrepreneurship coaches are really that committed to help their students?

Answer: no-one.

I am putting you first.

So stop sitting on the side lines, and take advantage of it! Have yourself be chosen to receive FREE PERSONAL one-on-one mentoring from Howard Behar, past President of Starbucks Company.

Ask any question that can help YOU in your own small business.

Think of what your friends and family and competitors will say when you tell them you took a meeting with the President of Starbucks. I see jaws dropping.

Look I have been “the nice gal”, helping those that come to me when they are ready and providing real-world step-by-step strategy and guidance but quite frankly I am tired of some people passing these opportunities by, (and I say this with love), you are a TOTAL IDIOT if you don’t get your butt in the game and begin to realize how BIG these opportunities (such as the JV Contest, the club and this private mentoring) is for you.

Looking from the sidelines is only going to get you depressed, feeling sorry for yourself, broke and to nowheresville.

If I really think about it, I have to say WOW – it’s really crazy and exciting what is happening inside the club lately, last month, several members received collaboration LIFETIME partnership deals from huge players (a big break for them) and this month 2 people will be chosen to get advice from the BIG MAN himself.

In the real world they only take meetings with other big CEO’s of Multi-billion dollar companies. Trust me; this doesn’t happen often – if ever. Period.

And am I charging you $5000 for that privilege? – NO! A Measly $40/month.

That’s crazy.

I am seriously considering making this a more exclusive club – charging that higher fee and only giving it to those who really appreciate it (and quite frankly deserve it).

So stop feeling sorry for yourself, or too small, or not ready. Join the club – meet down to earth people just like you who will become your friends, allies and give you a breath of fresh air or support when you get together.

Just that part of the club alone (people meeting and connecting) is powerful, and you also get live coaching and help with YOUR business from our coaches (at no charge). I get email after email from people who tell me they can’t believe how positive people are in the club, how willing to help and how nice and how casual and easy it is to get advice and assistance from others. They don’t feel alone anymore and are thrilled. If you want to be considered to speak directly to the Starbucks President,

here’s how:

Step One: Become an active member

Step Two: Go the “Millionaire Mentors” section (button on the left, inside the club) to get the secret email address to let us know you should be considered for this mentoring.

It happens LIVE on Sept 11th – so we need ALL applications in this week.

Warmest Regards,

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Speak Directly to Starbucks President

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