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Posted on 20 March 2009 by Stefanie

I hate to see people feeling down and I see it all around me right now, things are tough for many people. 

I really wanted to figure out a way to help you with your business and create extra recurring monthly revenue for you to pursue your dreams and passions.  One of the things I vowed to do was to create a 30, 60 & 90 day strategy where my contacts, partners and friends could make $15,000+ WITHIN that time frame helping me promote my JV Club at my launch. The countdown begins March 26th but you must start earlier to be ready for this.

My team and I sat down and worked it out.  I must say I have a cracker-jack k team over here!  We laid out everything for you, all the tools you will need. So we’ll do 90% of the work for you – and no it doesn’t cost you a dime.  This is no gimmick. What is cool, is that you can model what we do in this launch for your own.  We’ll teach you how to promote via sending out emails, using facebook and twitter. One of our awesome JV Coaches is even creating a system for you that you can ‘cut and paste” marketing techniques, so they don’t even have to do any guess work, they can build their own customer list through these techniques, plus refer us for massive money. 

I thought it was an awesome way to give back – everyone wins!

This is the best time to help me promote the JV Club as I not only lowered my JV club fees by half, I THEN increased commissions we pay out by 500% over the industry standards of 3% to 5%. 

We didn’t stop there, as I want MAJOR IMPACT, I added bonus money – and this time EVERY single person qualifies, not just the top 10. 

Cash Contest – everyone can win. I wanted this to be do-able.

We even created cash bonuses for referral targets that almost anyone could meet. 

If you want a 30 minute sneak peek of what we’re up to, from JV Coach Vickie Jimenez then visit here:

JV Promotional Partner call one:

JV Promotional Partner Call Two from JV Coach Robin Helm:

If you are interested let us know and we’ll direct you to our special Blog just for our partners that has all the info and tools.

As you have undoubtedly experienced for yourself by now, Joint Ventures have changed the way we do business just as the Internet has changed the way we find customers and deliver our goods, services and information.  The timing could not be better for this as JV’s are a no-money down yet BIG result marketing techniques which are GREAT for small business owners.

By the way, if you are not doing this in your own business you should be, please feel free to put into practice some of these techniques.  I wanted to help you and in turn hope you will support and help me.

All the best,

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