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Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

Posted on 18 June 2009 by Stefanie

Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

The beautiful city of Vancouver

WOW – What an amazing response I’ve been getting for publishing names! Thank you SO much – and keep them rolling in!

I’m actually heading off to Europe in a few days (I know – tough life!), but I’ll be checking in throughout my trip and I’m keeping track of those name suggestions to choose one when I get back – I’m loving seeing what’s coming in so far!

You know, in spite of all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it sure seems like the city of Vancouver is the place to be this summer! I have friends that are very excited to take over my house for a mini-vacation while I’m away.

I was excited to see that my house was actually on The Bachelorette the other night! You’ll have to see if you can spot it if you catch the show again – it was seen in the exterior shot of the Granville Island.

And of course, we have the Olympics coming this summer – I’m even thinking about renting my house during the games – if you’re interested at all, leave a comment for me!

With so much going on here I almost hate to leave the city of Vancouver again – but I know Europe is going to be amazing! And you know I can’t wait to check in at the office to find out who got in as one of the 75 in the Get It Done Today Series!

Let me tell you, this series has been a long time coming – and everywhere I look I see people who are just READY for it!

For me, being able to travel and work on my publishing house and my book and teaching classes and all of these other things I have to do for my business (and life!) are the entire reason I wanted to create this series – I’ve come to realize you just can’t be everything!

I decided I really needed help with all of this stuff – podcasting, social marketing, etc. – and I figured, “I can’t be the only one!

I mean it’s great if you can get some training in all this stuff, but it’s so time consuming, and you’ve gotta explain it to your web guy and find out a week after you  finished your course on Facebook that the whole thing got updated and changed and that you accidently offended 500 of your Twitter followers because you ‘broke the rules’…man it all just gets to be a little too much to keep up with!

And then I met Marney Lewis, who seemed to float out of the sky right to my doorstep just when I needed her. She had the tools, expertise, and team to start implementing exactly what I was looking for, and the Get It Done idea became bi-coastal, and global!

It got me even more excited when I learned that my partner, Marney, even has a degree in cross-cultural studies, making her a real expert in outsourcing possibilities. She’s flown to India; she’s got an office set up there – it makes the whole concept even broader and better than I ever imagined it would be!

Now, not only are we providing entrepreneurs around the world with some great services so that they can get their marketing done while focusing on their business, but we’re also providing jobs to an amazing expert team made up of Canadians, Americans, and Indians – all getting a fair wage.

This is helping families and entrepreneurs!

If you haven’t stopped over to check out the Get It Done Today series yet, you need to head over there now, and here’s why –

We had to delay the launch for a couple of weeks because we were working to get the back end of the entire system in perfect shape, but we have opened the doors just a teensy bit early to give some of you a chance to get in before the official launch date.

The thing is, we only have 75 spots open, and quite a few of them are already gone! Really, this is one of the most unusual launches I’ve worked on – I’ve never had so many of my Joint Venture partners actually wanting to purchase the product they’re helping me to promote!

It made me think of that singer – Taylor Swift – I heard the other day that she sold out 2 entire stadiums in less than 5 minutes after they opened ticket sales – I really get the feeling that the Get It Done Series may well be the ‘Taylor Swift’ of Social Media as soon as the door officially open on the 20th!

Right now you’ve got the chance to get in early – so head over and check it out today.

In the meantime, I’ll be checking in, updating you on my travels, and keeping those marketing tips flowing for you. Looking forward to catching up with you soon!

Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

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Once Again Leaving the City of Vancouver – But Still Getting It Done in my Biz?

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