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Giving away 2 event tickets

Posted on 22 September 2009 by Stefanie

Hi Guys and fabulous women,

I am racking up my air miles card this month and next. It’s a bit insane.   I did decide to accept the incredible invite to dine with Sir Richard Branson next week.   I know what you’re thinking – why hesitate?  Sounds silly but really my schedule is so packed with 4 days of speaking engagements that same week, plus I have a launch coming up so it’s a busy time, adding more travel to my week sounded painful.  I’m thinking I’m going to wake up in a hotel room and not remember where I am.

Oh well. The price of marketing yourself and getting out there.

So speaking of getting out there and being seen….

I am not speaking at this event (please give the organizers hell for not considering us). Just joking – well almost.

However I am buying a booth to promote our new social media bundles where we can set up, plus market speakers, authors & entrepreneurs and celebs via social media sites all over the Internet.  We even post in your blogs or tweet for you – if you’re super busy.  So this way you get powerful social media marketing- without all the work involved, so you still enjoy a life.  We do the work – you get the credit.

= > I haven’t bought a booth before, so this is a first for me.  Any recommendations or suggestions – please post them.  I’d love to hear what you think.

= >  And also as “booth owner” I get 2 extra tickets for the event (Value is $497 each).  So instead of selling them, I thought it would be a nice thing to offer them up to you as a thank you for being part of my database and supporting and working with me. No strings attached. 

So go today and post why you would like to attend this event with me and we’ll choose a winner or (2) winners.  Tell us why you’re big fans of my products or company or how you’ve used my material to get inspired or see results – whatever.  How much this event would mean to you.  Obviously I want to pick 2 people who know me, work hard and could really use this break.

We’ll be picking the winners next Monday – so please post before Sunday Night Sept 27th.

You have to arrange for your own travel & hotel, but the event tickets will be held for you at the event.  They are FREE for you – as a GIFT from me!

Event details:
$497 tickets – you get 100% free
Date: October 10th & 11th
Location: San Diego at Catamaran Resort
Speakers: Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Debbie Ford

What you’ll learn at event:

So, you’ve written and published a book. Now what?

It’s time to market and sell it! Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life, this dynamic event will show you how to master the changing market, get the publicity you deserve, and get your book where it belongs – into the hands of your readers. 
In two days, you’ll get a chance to network with top people in the field. You’ll get to ask questions and you’ll learn how to separate yourself from the pack!
At this one-of-a-kind event on October 10th and 11th, you’ll learn from the publishing industry’s most renowned book marketing experts – and meet with the world’s top professionals.
Topics Covered include:
•  Today’s Publishing and Distribution Options: What’s Best For Your Book
•  How to Get Your Target Market to Your Website: Secrets for Attracting Traffic and Building your List
•  How PR is Changing in the 21st Century
•  How to Use Internet Search Engines to Market Your Book and  Online Brand Perception
•  Copy Writing:  How to Write Powerful Copy that gets Results!
•  Marketing Venues Beyond the Bookstore:  Teleseminars, Webinars, Virtual Book Tours, Web TV Shows and More
•  Hi Tech Marketing- Using Blogs, Podcasts and Video blogs
•  Social Networking:  How to Use Social Networking Sites to Sell Books:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn your Way to New Customers!
•  Publishing:  What Every Author Should Know About Publishing in the 21st Century
•  Email Campaigns:  How to Use Email to Sell Books
•  Make Money Marketing and Selling Products:  CDs, DVDs, Workbooks, Continuity Programs, Consulting and More
•  Book Trailers
•  Selling Your Book Through Amazon (SNP, Buy X get Y, and more)
•  Where Radio, TV, Internet Shows and other Media Options are Today
PLUS:  Bring plenty of business cards for our Special Speed Networking Sessions!!!

Hope to have you with me!

Popularity: 7% [?]

Giving away 2 event tickets

18 Comments For This Post

  1. Farhana Dhalla Says:

    My workshop with you Stephanie spurred me onto thinking in ways I had never done before. I can see the possibilities of alliances with like minded people and the creative opportunities with those of unlike services.

    I enjoy your emails – you are a master at copy writing and have a knack of making your reader feel like they are a close friend of yours. Even when i have an overwhelming amount of emails in the inbox, yours is one i enjoy opening because i know i will be spurred on to fresh thinking.

    I am working on my website so am reluctant to put it there but if you want to take a look at it to know me better – please, it is not ready and the photos are horrible :)

    My first book is getting ready for print – you might remember me talking about it … it’s called “Thank you for Leaving Me”. So, an event like this would be of tremendous benefit and service to me at this critical time.

    Thanks for thinking of me…


  2. Dollarmakers "JV" Victim Says:


    Great site, but you aren’t associated with that scam artist who runs a group called “Dollarmakers” are you? I think his name is Robin?

    Stefanie Reply:

    Robin is an old client of mine, but haven’t spoken to him in years. I have my own club and not sure he is excited about that – although it is really different and at the time I wasn’t aware he had his own club. In fact I’ve been teaching JV’s and doing them for years.

  3. Shel Horowitz - Ethical/Green Marketing Expert Says:

    Stefanie, some advice on booths:

    Bring someone to co-staff. Get out on the floor and network with other exhibitors, take bathroom breaks, catch some of the education program. Tell your co-staffer when you’ll be back, so if people want to meet you, they can.

    If giving out or raffling off swag, make it something that attracts prospects, not tire kickers (so leave the chocolate for others, maybe a free copy of one of your intro programs)

    Ask if you can put something in the attendee goodie bag–big reinforcement of your presence.

    High stools so you can stay at eye level without being on your feet all day.

    Write memory-notes on the backs of business cards people give you.

    Check the rules on how you set up your booth. You want to avoid paying union drayage fees (big convention halls have these, but usually not if you bring your exhibit in through the front door–check ahead)

    Some articles I’ve written on trade show marketing:

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Shel! Awesome advice.


  4. Sandra K Says:

    Stephanie, It’s no quinky dink that I woke up today with thoughts of, “It’s time to help all my creative friends promote themselves” only to SEE your email offering 2 free tickets to MEET you and attend the great event in San Diego.

    I NEED YOU so let’s meet and get these connections rolling—we’re all in this together right?????

    Love and hugs to you…PS When we meet in San Diego, I’d be pleased to show you some jet lag CHI builders, fun and easy to do!

    Stefanie Reply:

    Wow Cool. Sounds great.


  5. Carolyn Gross Says:

    Choose Me Stefanie! I have a book and message that so needs to get out into the world. Since you know a bit about my story; healing stage 3 cancer using immunotherapy, I won’t over indulge here. However the Sept 14th issue of Time Magazine puts immunotherapy up on the scoreboard of new cancer treatments! This means my current book Treatable and Beatable which documents immunotherapy from a patients perspective, and my forthcoming book which details customized cancer vaccines from the physicians perspective, are both ripe and ready for nationwide exposure. Also I like to return a favor with a favor…since I live in San Diego and am past president of tha National Speakers Association, I will talk about you throughout the event and mention your services.

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks Carolyn! See you in a few days at our mastermind event!


  6. SB Says:

    I can’t get there in October…
    Other months I could…

    Thank you

  7. LB Says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    OMG. You need me at that seminar!

    I have some interesting ideas.

    L B

    Stefanie Reply:

    Hello LB, What kind of ideas? About what?

    Please fill me in. Thanks!


  8. Darlene Butts Says:

    Stefanie: Even before I knew you were going to be there (bonus) I wanted to go to this event. You know that “Lessons from the Depression” is ready for a major breakthrough and add in the new book on marketing and this would be a huge turning point in my career. You have the power to change my life!

    In turn, I know I can help you promote yourself and your company because I am a walking testimonial. I got ideas just from listening to you on Dov Baron’s call last night.

    I have the financial resources to get myself there, but not the entrance fee. If you help me get in the door, your investment will be returned tenfold!

    Looking forward to hanging out with you again!


    TaniaH Reply:

    Hello Darlene,

    Stefanie is out of town right now and asked me to respond to your post and let you know that you have won a ticket to this event. I will be contacting you to let you know all the details. Please feel free to email me at or call 800-814-8445 ext 2

    Thanks for your post and Stefanie is so excited to see you there!
    Warmly, Tania

  9. Helena Says:

    My daughter is expecting a new baby right around that time, so please don’t enter me into your contest (great idea, though!).

    I did want to give you this bit of advice.. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Typically in a booth, you are on your feet A LOT. Hope this helps!

    Stefanie Reply:

    Hello Helena, Snuggle your daughter and the baby and thanks for the tip!


  10. Lauren BlaineLa Says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    OMG. You need me at that seminar!

    Know what I’ve done for the last 15 years? I’ve worked booths at high end trade shows, malls, fairs, etc. I’m sort of like the female Ron Popeil or Billy Mays (without the shouting!). As a matter of fact, my former partner in my infomercial company worked the home shopping network with Billy. He told my partner, “They tell you not to shout on HSN but I just say ‘yes, ok’ , and do it anyway. That’s what works!”

    That was my big brush with Billy Mays – with one degree of separation. :) *(see my short reel and commercial below about my infomercial company.)

    But that’s enough about him, more about ME! haha

    Seriously, Ms. Hartman, girl, you need me. I can help you pick the location – which is everything – because there is definitely a technology on choosing the right booth space for the traffic, how the traffic is going to flow by you, choosing the right neighbors who will attract your type of public, without competing AND without drowning you out, making it impossible to talk with your clients.

    PLUS, because I have worked so many shows like this, I have no back off on talking with people of any echelon. Some people are great at internet sales and speaking but can’t talk to people one-on-one. I have been a sales person so long…from when I was about 6. I sold Kool-aide in the summer and holly (cut off my parents’ tree) in the winter. So I’ve been an entrepreneur for that many years…and I’m not saying how many THAT is! :)

    But you need me there.

    And I need to be there.

    Ever since I first saw your promo and then spoke with you and Tania I thought, “THIS is who I need to connect up with.” But, in a flash today, it came to me how I could help you the most and how you could help me.

    I have some interesting ideas.

    One is that I would be happy to help you at your booth during the event. I’ve done so much of this that it’s second nature.

    Two, I LOVE marketing!! It’s always been so fascinating to me that you can put ink on a page or words on a screen and that will turn into actual, real, live people arriving at your event or website!

    Also, and this is the idea that came to mind while I was reading your email, maybe you need someone to help ease the workload by being one of your speakers or trainers. I’ve done PLENTY of public speaking – I’ve been a performer for many years and have MC’d plenty of musical events which entailed coordinating the different acts, smoothing over rough spots and stalling with aplomb when the PA system went dead. :)

    I would love to train under you to do that and help you take some of the pressure off your schedule.

    Plus, I’m writing a book about the music business so, when the time is right, maybe you can help me be a million seller, too. :)

    Lauren Blaine
    310 424 5000

    * Here’s the link to a commercial that we did at ASB Infomercial and the demo reel for our company. I did the video editing on the demo reel, including all of the sales text. I also produced the commercial for The Debt Solution, which I wrote the script for as well. The commercial was based on a full market research of that company’s database. If we hadn’t researched it ourselves, we would have mistakenly marketed to 55 – 70 year old homeowners with upper middle class incomes (because that’s who the owners said were their public) instead of their actual clientele of people aged 35 to 50, who were renters.

    The commercial increased their close rate 27% (no kidding). When the customer called, they were ready to buy.

    Here’s the link:

    TaniaH Reply:

    Hello Lauren,

    Stefanie is out of town right now and asked me to respond to your post and let you know that you have won a ticket to this event. I will be contacting you to let you know all the details. Please feel free to email me at or call 800-814-8445 ext 2

    Thanks for your post and Stefanie is so excited to see you there!
    Warmly, Tania

  11. M. D. Wenner Says:

    Sir Richard would love to know about “The Zone” activation technique I, Lance Armstrong and other world class athlete’s are using. Stefanie, please tell him about the movie , he loves adventures like the movie is all about. If he invests in it before the studio raises the money, I will give you a 3-5% finders fee, depending on the amount.

    As for the event tickets, I am well aware of your great work and more importantly your great heart EQ (Emotional Quota) I feel your living by example has taught me a great deal, but more importantly, you gave me confidence that aligning our head with our heart IS the ideology that makes a winner in life, sports (as proven in my book and work) and career.

    Healthy emotional dynamic’s is proven to be the missing key to our Country’s success to move past this current economic trial. Dr. Dean Ornish wrote that a healthy family and emotional dynamic’s is more to cardio vascular health than quiting accessive alchol or nicotine consumption. My book was published in 1996, much like Albert Einstein, many professional studies are confirming my findings. Uncle Albert and I both have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrom( ).

    Thank you for beeming the light of God so well,

    Mark Dorian Wenner

  12. Ronni Says:

    Dear Stefanie,

    Your products are right on the money & are user friendly. They hit all the necessary points without talking down to the user. I am almost done with my book (about the virtues of virginity for teens & even waiting longer for intimacy in adult relationships) Anyway, the timing would be perfect for me to attend this event. The first time I heard Jack Canfield speak was in a room of about 20 people when he & Mark Victor Hansen were promoting the very first Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’d also love to attend your social networking event.

    Hope you pick me.


  13. Gayla Gabriel Says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I published my book 18 months ago and feel like I have not found the right venue or advice for promoting or increasing my visibilty, even though I have spent time and money searching. I am skeptical and curious if you and this event might be exactly what I have been looking for these past months!
    So, yes, I would love to attend this conference without the huge expense of the entry fee.
    Thank you for the many emails with great information…it would be a wonderful gift to meet you.

  14. Eric Alexander Says:

    Hey Stephanie;
    I have almost finished my book, and am now ready to take the leap of faith.
    If this conference were to be good for anybody, it would be me.
    Have you ever heard the story of the man on the Canadian Railway?
    It’s a great story about beliefs.
    Not sure if there is enough room here, maybe we could talk briefly and I could share it with you.
    I am also a big fan of Debbie Ford. (Took her seminar a few years back.)
    Eric Alexander (760-943-6820) Thanks.
    Gary DeRodreguez also knows me.

  15. Lauren Blaine Says:

    Hey Stefanie,

    You have sooooooo many wonderful people to choose from! As “Clarence” said in , “It’s a Wonderful life,” “No man is a failure who has friends.”

    You, girl, are the antithesis of failure with this many friends!

    Good luck to everybody!


  16. Sahana Barade Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    From the time I have joined and have been listening to your calls there’s a sense of comfort that I get from hearing your voice. I always dreaded to write all the time; when I joined the PJV club the contest was on I said to myself that it was time to write by myself.

    The journey started when I attended the first class against the wishes of others for joining this club. I looked at them and the gut feeling said go ahead and there I was on the call with you. It was the same day my daughter was taking on the play phone and your team heard it while I had guests at home.

    I knew this was the right place when you said to everyone to open our heart and let our creativity flow. Every where I went I was asked to write especially the business plan and other related documents which had to be written in a format which I always was not comfortable with. Now was a chance for me and so I went on to write. I didn’t show it to my spouse (which I normally do but for the fear of being not good enough) and submitted to you (again with fear that you will criticize it) and to my surprise you loved it !!!! and didn’t ask me to make any change. When you were talking about my proposal I was in tears and from then on just couldn’t stop writing.

    I knew that this was the place my dreams would come true. This form has increased my confidence and the ability to do our best and live the rest to the universe. I believed in the universal principles but never spoke about it as I didn’t have anyone in my close family and friend’s circle for me to talk about it.

    It was you and you only who tapped into me, now I am ready to let my passion of helping people turn into reality.

    Why join this club?

    I would recommend this club to anyone and everyone who wants to help the world in one way or the other. This is a form for people with values and principle with unlimited possibilities which are hard to find and tend to be ignored. People with visions, dreams and goals set high would most likely to successed here. It is a place to mingle freely, feel homely, and never be afraid to ask any question no matter how trivial which is always welcomed lovingly.

    We hold hands and help each other in any way and in many ways that could be possible. Here we interact with humans which is an exceptional quality not to be found in other forums. The tips that are given if executed timely manner could make a tremendous impact on the out coming results. The fees are minimal yet the connections are powerful and influential.

    One thing I noticed in this form is people are asked to give and I would add here to forgive but not get and forget. Any one who believes in unlimited possibilities with creative insight will soar high here.

    So let open your heart, analyze what’s the purpose of life, listen to the universal nudges, and understand that you only need few tiny facts to convert the impossible to the possible. Share your vision with those surrounding around you, and allow others to play a part in that vision so that they might fulfill their deepest hopes and dreams and make their own little corner of the world brighter and more hopeful than ever before.
    What does this mean to me?

    The purpose of me coming to the event would be to start a meaningful relationship with you. The passion that has been intensified more due to being one of the contest winner is still burning high. My purpose is to help you help others. I’ll be at the both with you selling your materials asking people to discover their passion and life purpose. Teach them the concept of giving and make a difference. Build a stronger relationship with the other like minded members, improve finances and peace in the environment. What a wonderful place to start getting connected with you and get others to connect to you. I can bring samples (natural skin care) which could attract people to booth, a bigger sample if they sign in right then and you also get to try my products and a feel (hopefully a good one) for me. I will be there more to help you than to help myself. I am a hard working person both physically and mentally, will be at your disposal for any of your needs.

    With you around I have nothing to fear because it was you who showed a light at the end of the tunnel. My life has taken a turn by joining this club and this would be a way to repay in kindness.

    My main purpose is to help the less privileged people around the world. Through rightconnections and with our company making good sales my dream would be a reality very soon. I want to touch all those I could in this life time, remember that we are connected. Through that connection lies the secret to receiving the most fundamental thing called love. It flows in greatest abundance to those who will simply give it.

    I will thank you if you could provide this opportunity to help spread love and make peacepossible. I don’t know much about you but I do know this much that you are an angelwho touch other peoples heart and life.

    Sahana Barade
    www. cnaturals. com

  17. Lauren Blaine Says:

    To Darlene Butts!

    Hey lady! I can’t wait to meet you too at the event!

    What a great idea for the book! I was checking it out on your webpage.

    See you on he 10th! What an adventure it will be!

    LaurenBlaine (at) hotmail (.) com

  18. Lauren Blaine Says:

    Dear Stefanie, Marley and Tania!!!

    Please pardon my ATROCIOUS manners in not thanking you sooner! But ever since the 21st Century Book Marketing Event, I’ve been busy from sun up to sun down, staying in touch with all of the beautiful souls I met over the weekend, re-aligning my drives and purposes in life and building my empire, mwahahaha! :)

    Seriously, I wake up early and start to work and then go to bed by day-fault – that is, I just fall into bed at the end of the day!

    Thanks so much for choosing me to join you. I told Ariele that it was like an informative cocktail party with no drinks. Who needs drinks when all of that energy was so intoxicating! :)

    Good luck to you, Stefanie, at your event on the 30th!

    If you need a helping had with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Love all of you powerhouse women!

    Lauren Blaine
    Social Marketing and Music for Videos, TV and Film

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