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Gift Vouchers to Win!

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Stefanie

I have some gift vouchers for something amazing!

Maybe it’d be right for you…

Several months back, I flew to New York and volunteered my time to be part of a small business expert community which truly serves small business owners and entrepreneurs whether starting out or already up and running.

There are literally hours and hours of candid, real world video advice from experts in every area.

Visit: to see just who I’m talking about. It’s not public yet, but for contributing, I can get you to-the-front-of-the-line today BEFORE it officially launches and you get a deal on a LIFETIME access.  You can see some sneak peeks with over 100 videos of small business experts…including me….to see at what’s it all about.

You can check-out my videos at this first of its kind Multi-Media Educational Hub for Small Business Entrepreneurs where you’ll find never before seen videos of go-to experts, such as Michael Gerber, Declan Dunn, Jen Groover and on and on and on…

What’s even nicer of them, they offered me gift vouchers to give away. I sincerely recommend you take full advantage of this – we’re talking a year of access.

GIFT VOUCHERS: I have 5 gift vouchers to give away to some lucky people, who will receive access to the Brainstorm Level of Home Business Brains for a whole year at NO CHARGE!

TO WIN A VOUCHER Submit a comment and tell me what’s your biggest business challenge, what you’d love to learn from me in the future or what I can give you more of and submit your name. We put all names in a hat and will randomly select 5 winners next week.  Value $147.

== > And the first person to post automatically gets one! Cause you’re cool!

Secondly: How would you like to experience a 10-day Business Makeover by 24 First-class Experts and Luminaries… and Expect a Revenue Take-off in Your Business Within 90 Days of Implementing Their Personal Development and Business Growth Advice, Tips, Insights, Tactics and Strategies.

This is a new twist on a great concept,  The line up and topics are stellar and this is the time to get unstuck and pointed in the right direction… with confidence, precision, and finally some peace of mind – Ask the experts your questions personally.

I highly recommend this for you, for your business and for those dependent on you, I hope you’ll act on this transformational opportunity…

Click the link below to get the full details and register:

And Third: Meet in Vegas this Halloween! One of my favorite people on the planet – Rick Frishman is gearing up for the Author 101 Event in Las Vegas.

This is the biggest Author 101 that I have seen- they are expecting 450 people – so register as its CHEAP, and network your butt off.  Remember I’ll introduce you around as I will be there speaking at the event.

Are you curious about what publishers like Harper Collins, Morgan James, Adams Media, Wiley, Random House, and Simon & Schuster are looking for? What is the best way to get your manuscript read when you’re an unpublished author? Want to know the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing book proposals? You’ll be engaged as these top pros share their expertise, reveal the inner workings of the publishing industry, and discuss various approaches to common marketing and publishing challenges.

Join me in Vegas I’ll see you there:

Good Luck


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Gift Vouchers to Win!

32 Comments For This Post

  1. Nancy Webster Says:

    Hi There,
    My biggest challenge is figuring out where to put my time and attention when it comes to internet marketing.Years ago it was easy and worked. Now it feels like nothing works and everyone is marketing some magical solution (for big bucks!) and there is no way of knowing, without spending a lot of money and time, whether the technique they are selling really works. It is a jungle out there!

    Stefanie Reply:

    Thanks so much Nancy for sharing with me and the readers in here. And for being the quickest draw on the reply (by one minute, sorry Carolyn) you are our first winner. My office will be in touch shortly with more information for you, congratulations.

  2. Carolyn Gross Says:

    I’d like to launch more tele seminars, as my first one got me very excited.
    Want to utilize my coach and the network to make this happen. Am I the first one to post???

  3. Victoria Says:

    I still have a daytime job, so my biggest challenge is to focus and leverage my time for results on my dream business. My second biggest challenge is organizing the incredible amount of information I receive from all the “experts’ in a way that will be useful for me–which includes email, books, articles, bonuses from things I’ve purchased.

  4. Marcia Breitenbach Says:

    My biggest challenge is figuring out which projects to pursue, where to put the focus. I do a lot of great things and I want to give time, focus and attention to them all.

  5. Tatiana Says:

    My biggest challenge is to stop thinking of my English as a second language as of ‘weakness’ and convert it into my ‘strength’

  6. Paulette Bethel Says:

    I am wanting to expand my professional speaking career into the international arena on a regular basis, including the use of online radio streaming. I also want to incorporate more teleseminars into my program offerings.

  7. Dale in Canada Says:

    The content I have, it is focused on building North American business relationships into Asia. I need to be guided on how to better monetize my sites and to raise the continuity of participation in my training programs.

    X (fingers crossed).

  8. Sandy Zuniga Says:

    My biggest challenge is finding business owners who share my passion and how to connect with them to see how I can join their team to support them in their success. I would like to target the fitness & nutrition/wellness industry, the real people who have real life changing programs (not a quick fix/quick diet solution but a life style) and partner with them to catapult them to success with my support.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Sandy Zuniga

  9. Tammy Cho Says:

    Currently, my biggest business challenge is getting my team and I in front of the right people who are interested in my type of business/products. The ability to identify the needs of people and be able to help those people get what they need and be able to help them relative to my business. I haven’t started the program with you yet so I am not sure if this will be 100% addressed already. On an internal level, I think it would be great to get feedback from you for what is doable for me within my talents and move forward with ideas that I can really see myself doing. I’d love to learn how to attract more of the people who will be interested in my business and other ways to make money from home in my business. I’d love to see a community where like-minded people going through your program can connect and network to help each other grow!

  10. Amadeus Nip Says:

    My biggest challenge is project management. Many different projects, and how to allocate time and energy to effectively keep everything rolloing. I’d love to learn how to launch my web project so that it successfully generates a strong consistent residual income. That way I can spend more time with my family. My name is Amadeus Nip. (your request says to state my name as well). hehe!

    Thank you!

  11. Heather Jensen Says:

    Being a widow with an infant has made time my biggest challenge. I need help clarifying my ideas, organizing my responsibilities, and focusing my attention to make it all work (because I know there is a way).

  12. Darlene Butts Says:

    Stefanie: I would say that I my biggest business challenge is connecting to the right people in the companies I am trying to partner with.

    You are the queen of connections, so I would love to learn from you how to build those relationships.

  13. Brad Mesaros Says:

    Getting my book published and then creating additional sources of revenue from it, such as speaking engagements and seminars.

  14. Diana Allen Says:

    My biggest challenge is to find the target markets and JV’sfor my business, and to get all my marketing info in order.

    I watched a few of the videos and I’m sure that before the launch they will fix the freeze in the audio.

  15. Linda Sparks Says:

    Making the transition from my old-school consulting practice to on-line product and service delivery. I have tons of content including 2 published books on Business Development and have a gift for process, discovery and analysis. I am in process of launching a niche business (on-line) serving Event Promoters and I keep getting swallowed by my own deep subject knowledge and content. I must get this thing producing ASAP!

  16. Hannele Rinta-Tuuri Says:

    Dear Stephanie my biggest challenge is to get myself organized and get the best resources for marketing my products.

    It is too confusing to find the right marketing information that can give results.

    Thank you for all the opportunities you have given. Looking forward to The Gasppo:)

    Best Wishes

  17. Ruth Kuttler Says:

    My greatest challenge is paying my bills verses investing in my dreams. I have amazing project ideas and have worked hard to create web development and marketing solutions that will serve masses of people while allowing myself and affiliates to generate an ongoing stream of residual income. My problem comes from my need to provide time consuming services to my existing clients who allow me to pay my bills. I have not found outsourcing to be entirely satisfactory or cost effective so that I can be profitable. I really need help with the launch of my project so that making money is not directing what I do every day.

  18. Julie Genovese Says:

    Wow, I agree with all the comments about feeling overwhelmed. I feel a little less alone just reading about the rest of you in the same boat with me! :) There is so much info out there about internet marketing that I don’t know who to listen to, what to buy, what to do myself or what to pay others to do. I have a memoir being released in March and I’m doing an e-blast with JV partners, but aside from that, I’m not sure where to turn. I love your energy Stephanie and I love that you work with the Law of Attraction and other empowering solutions. Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  19. Keri Says:

    Really the biggest challenge has been promoting! I have workshops and a book that get wonderful feedback; but I have a very tiny list. I can’t afford to put any money in to the marketing end so everything is on a shoe string. Ideas would be wonderful.

    thank you so much,


  20. Karin Dolin Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Truth is, I don’t have a business YET. But still want to learn everything I can and I will be successful. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I am very much interested in personal development.

    Much succeess and Love,

  21. Ana Holub Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    My biggest challenge is letting people know that the work I do is not too scary for them. I get comments all the time like, “I want to set up an appointment, but I have too much resistance.” or “I know about you, and I want to come…I know I should….” As a forgiveness counselor, I work at a really deep level, and it is amazing what happens when clients are really open and willing. How do I reach and invite people to get close and make an appointment? My other challenges are finding the time to finish my book, then publishing it and getting it OUT THERE.

  22. Jeff G Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    My biggest challenge is trying to get a cash-flowing business with minimal capital to begin. I need to be able to monetize my business quickly in order to survive. For years the internet has been an expense to me. I could use your help in turning this around.


  23. Gwen Says:

    My biggest challenge is marketing fiction titles in a cohesive, effective way. Right now our authors do a lot of it because we don’t have high enough sales to employ folks, so our volunteers tend to disappear regularly. And time. Nobody ever has enough time.

  24. stefanie Says:

    Wow. first THANK YOU to everyone who posted. I can feel your heart and your voice in your words. This helps me tremendously to see clearly where you are and whats happening in your life.

    I was just wanted to get clarity on your challenges but now I can’t get your comments out of my head.

    So I’m going to do something about this. I haven’t figured it all out yet. And at the same time I am prepping for my upcoming event – I’m so behind. Ugh.

    But I totally want to do something….my mind is coming up with some ideas. Maybe some free group coaching calls. Hmmm.. any ideas – let me know.

    Stefanie :)

  25. Barbara J. Semple Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    My biggest challenge is keeping order – in my mind as well as on my desk – with all of the latest information, having to sift through it all to discern what is best for me and my business in any given moment. I’d like the information I receive to be more concise, for example, “Here is the new thing, and here is how it can help you. I’ve used it. It works. Fyi. ” It’s helpful to have a clearing house of information that comes to me, in smaller pieces.

    Thanks for asking! It’s a great opportunity to “hear” myself think. :-) Many blessings,

  26. Teri Says:

    My biggest challenge is synthesizing my fabulous life experiences (plenty of challenges!) into a great set of thought provoking trainings and workshops that inspire (women especially) to “see”- clues around them- clues that they are “settling” or in a self-sabotaging or externally undermining environment, then inspire in them the courage to “do something different, to get something different”.

  27. Jessica Says:

    Biggest challenge is to be retrain my mind when dealing with old mental scripts that no longer work in my present or apply to my current consulting practice.

  28. Christiane Says:

    Hi Stefanie,
    my biggest challenge right now is to focus on one activity at a time. Living in a foreign country and still keeping in touch through professional activities with my own country. Get lost at times in thejungle of Websites, finding it challenging to find the “right” contacts for my ideas. Christiane

  29. Sandra Says:

    Hello Stefanie,
    As a small business owner, my biggest challenge is to create an affliate recruitment and marketing system including designing a recruitment affliate page where others would want to promote my products to their customers or on their websites or blogs. Thanks Stefanie for opening the invitation for allowing me to share with you my biggest challenge. Take care of yourself!

  30. Stephania Gibb Says:

    Aloha Stefanie,

    As we are just getting off the ground, so many ideas are swimming in our heads that we are having difficulty capturing that one special thing that we can dive into. We look forward to direction from yourself and are grateful that we have the opportunity to share in your knowledge and techniques.

  31. TaniaH Says:

    Before Stefanie went to Speak at Author 101 in Vegas she had 5 gift vouchers to give away to some lucky people, who will receive access to the Brainstorm Level of Home Business Brains for a whole year at NO CHARGE! That’s a really incredible value!

    Because of all the cool and insightful messages you posted, this spurned her to do MORE. Once thing she did was place a call to the owners of Home Business Brains, she spoke to the people in charge and told them she would love to give vouchers away to everyone who posted a comment last week on their biggest business challenge – and they said YES. Yahh!

    So EVERYONE that posted before today – WINS!!!

  32. C. Surratt Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    One of the biggest challenges is making time and deciding what to tackle first. It’s a full time job developing marketing and building an active customer database for your business. It can become overwhelming trying to assess the how, when, what to tackle first. Also, I’ve been working on writing a series of health books since forever. However, this is yet another project that keeps getting pushed to the background. Organization, motivation, direction and support is very much needed to get things off the ground and running.

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