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How to Use Video to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Posted on 01 August 2013 by Stefanie

How to Use Video to Increase Traffic to Your WebsiteTo compete in the battle to generate website traffic you need several tools; desirable products or services, search engine friendly website design and informative content. By using video to interact with your website visitors, you can produce better results.  When you generate website traffic by using interactive video you can capture their interest by providing information throughout your website, not just your homepage. Also Google is working on search engine systems that can track keywords via videos, so in the near future it will become more and more important to have video on your websites or blogs.

Putting all of the pieces in place to generate website traffic is only the first part of the battle: keeping them on your site is the real challenge. I have found that using streaming video generates website traffic for the simple reason that people respond better to moving images and audio. Video is ideal for communicating your message; you can demonstrate products and services in live screen casts or pre-recorded. Using video increases the amount of time your visitor spends on your website giving you more opportunities to expose them to the benefits of purchasing your products and services as they explore all the sections of your website.

Interactive Website Video Representatives
Interactive video representatives are the latest method being used to generate website traffic across the web. You can be the star of the video or you can hire actors to talk to your visitors and highlight the benefits of your products and services. You could also simply create a PowerPoint and then add audio of you reading and talking to the audience.  There are also animated characters being used in video programs to generate website traffic, boost sales and customer service.

Why not use  video to deliver new information on a regular basis, just like a television program? This will encourage visitors to return to your website often to get the latest news on your products or services.

Traditional Video Download

The traditional video download is where the video is embedded in your website. When your visitor clicks on the video, it downloads to their hard drive and is viewed using a Windows Media or Real Audio player. In most cases your website visitors will be able to choose the transfer method depending on whether they are using dial-up, broadband or a cable connection to the Internet.

Video Sharing Websites

Having links to other websites is also a very popular way to generate website traffic and it works with video as well as text links. By creating an account and uploading your video you link your website to a source of high traffic. You have multiple ways of gaining exposure; people can search, rate and recommend your videos to their friends, which will generate website traffic for you from new prospects.

Videos are so popular that now search engines have created a video category. You can upload your video directly to Google and people can use keywords to find your products. These are just a few of the way you can use video to generate website traffic.

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How to Use Video to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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