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Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts

Posted on 14 August 2014 by Stefanie

Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts It’s difficult not to notice how technology and social media have affected the lives of nearly everyone. In our heads-down society – as we text and tweet away – it’s hard not to get caught up in the social media storm. It’s enough to leave anyone wondering who then, are these people buzzing through the lines of our lives? You may be surprised (or not) to learn it’s women, not men, who lead the pack when it comes to online socializing.

The lead is so large, in fact, that experts say women now dominate nearly every social media network out there. As with all rules, there’s always an exception, and in this case, it’s LinkedIn. This professional networking site is the one place where male users outnumber their female counterparts. Otherwise, sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest boast more women than men. And not just by small margins.

According to sources such as Burst Media and Pew Research Center, women are taking over social media. Statistics show that 76 percent of adult American women are Facebook users, checking their account multiple times a day. This compared to 66 percent of U.S. men admitting to be avid Facebook users, of which only 33 percent log in to their account on a daily basis.

Research concludes that American women are the top social media users. This includes all social media platforms. The statistics look something like this:

  • Pinterest: Women 33% Men 8%
  • Facebook: Women 76% Men 66%
  • Twitter: Women 18% Men 17%
  • Tumblr: Women 54% Men 46%
  • Instagram: Women 20% Men 15%
  • LinkedIn: Women 19% Men 24%

Not only do women utilize social media platforms more than men, they use social media on a daily basis. Stats show that 30 percent of American women use social media several times a day compared to only 16% of American men. This means, of course, that it’s women who are more likely to interact with business brands online. Studies have found the average female consumer looks something like this:

  • Access offers and coupons: Women 53% Men 36%
  • Makes comments: Women 28% Men 25%
  • Shows online support: Women 54% Men 44%
  • Stay current: Women 39% Men 33%

Women are also known to access more news through social media platforms than men. Findings show that 58 percent of American women get their daily news via social media, compared to about 42 percent of American men. Are you wondering where these women go for their daily feed? Approximately 58 percent head to Facebook (compared to 42 percent of men), while 52 percent prefer Google Plus, compared to 48 percent of men.

Women are also leading the trend when it comes to mobility, with 46 percent preferring smartphones and 32 percent relying on Tablets. This has lead marketing managers and businesses of every niche to realize that women are driving the growth of visually-based social media and are likely to continue dominating the online world for years to come.

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Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts

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