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This video is brilliant!

Posted on 21 June 2010 by Stefanie

This is brilliant!

Before there was a term for it, I‘ve been teaching the power of ‘Heart Marketing’ for 10 years. In fact, I believe the reason my web copy won out in million dollar product sales, over more expensive copy writers (face it I had none), was because while others were ‘screaming’ at their consumers, I was dating them.

Now I didn’t read some kind of slimy ‘how to pretend to like my list to capture sales book’ to figure this out. I came by it honestly. I cared. Plus I respect other people and choose to believe that I am writing to highly intelligent, fun loving people. Good people. People I’d love to sit down over dinner and chat with for hours.

So I just treat them as such.

I genuinely care about everyone who takes a moment to read or listen to something I have created. I mean, how great is that they chose to spend 10 minutes with you? That should be appreciated not manipulated.

In your marketing, your emailing and your blog posts, I still have fights with others who say I should NOT post funny or casual posts in my blogs, just keep it business articles. For me that makes no sense. OK, I will put 90% business articles, but hey, we’re all human, so why wouldn’t we all want a more human experience.

As your coach, I hope you do as well with your consumers and marketing. If you have forgotten it – go to the MIT course and read up on the Oprah factor in emails, and in weeks or even days you’ll be well on your way to establishing an incredible relationship with the people you SHOULD be caring about – those that choose to read, buy or come see YOU!

Finally big corporations are catching on.

Comment and Tell me what you think below.

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This video is brilliant!

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  1. Robert Says:

    This is fantastic stuff Stef! The world is changing, and we need to change with it if we want our customers to keep coming back. It’s more than just about listening! It’s listening, because you truly care, not just because you want the stats. I have been “preaching” this for years now.

    Look to the future! Social media is a whole new world. We need to learn how to “share” our experiences with our customers and potential clients, who need to “know” they can “trust” us. No more lies or marketing tricks. The days of “fine print” are over! Want to get your customers to trust you, then be open and honest with them – show them you are human by simply sharing your experiences (in picture format as much as possible) with them. Its a fine balance between doing business and building trusting relationships. Even Joel Comm is hip to this!

    Make it a great day!


  2. Vickie Says:

    Wow Stefanie

    This is so true to life as the new economy is growing and demands a more authentic relationship with advertisers, vendors and marketers. Those marketing industries or guru’s who are not watching the power change hands from the advertiser to the consumer will be losing gagillions of customers and dollars along with credibility. This has been something that you have been saying for years and years and what make SHE inc a fabulous company to work with and for.



  3. Dr. Niama L. Williams Says:

    You are 100% correct, and my knowledge of successful marketing is still at a very nascent stage. I’ve been recently revolutionized, however, by a Luisa Teish mp3 (expert in African spirituality); wisdom from an expert’s business consultant (“No one’s coming; it up to you”), and a comment from my soon to be business partner: “you’re not selling because you haven’t established relationships with your lists”!

    So yes, from what I am beginning to learn, you are right as rain, Ms. Hartman; right as rain!

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

  4. Ann-Michele Timmerman Says:

    Hmmm…absolutely! What I’ve learned in my (albeit relatively short life to date) is that anything built on a house of cards will eventually collapse…

    However I can see that the next potential step may be advertisers doing the “we’ll make you feel like we care, but we really don’t” routine in response to this demand. And of course, subsequently sucking the masses in who don’t understand what “corporate charitable donations,” etc., actually are…

    I apologize if I’m offending anyone, but, as an example, this “we really care” sort of dance is more or less what I get from the Dove campaign…

    Thanks you Stefanie!

  5. Maryann Castellanos Says:

    Thank you for gently unearthing the narcissism in us all! Now I have something to show my 17 year old son and have a chat about handling his relationships. Not to mention demonstrating what I want from him.

    Oh yes, my clients. Of course. I am always ready to give them more.

    Everyone should have a JV partner. For me, my partner taught me to care.
    By experiencing the growth in her business, I had the answer to “Dooes it works?” It saved me years of trial and error. Since we are healers, we devised methods to bring the qualities out of ourselves with homeopathics. It is hard work but what else is more important?

    This is an amazing video and a chance to take good care of myself and others. I love Romance. ah yes…. no one is going to give me anything out there…. it all happens in here. I am romancing myself today.


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