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Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+

Posted on 15 August 2014 by Stefanie

Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+These days our devices may be overloaded with platform choices and knowing which ones to choose can be overwhelming. However, making hasty decisions could cost you in the long run, especially if you’re involved in online marketing.  Although there are other social media networks known for their ability to share and comment, Google+ continues to gain popularity.

While some joke that only Google employees use Google+, this fast-growing social sharing option has exceeded 540 million users, 300 million of which are active on a monthly basis. Not exactly the Google ghost town others are claiming. Aside from posting and plusing, Google is also a leader in search engine optimization and Google Authorship, two important factors any content marketer needs to care about. Moreover, Google is responsible for Google images, drive, docs, gmail, YouTube and analytics, and are not the networking site to ignore.

Google co-founder Larry Page admits that sooner or later, those ignoring Google+ will suffer the consequences: Google search will in turn, ignore you. While some remain adamant that G+ is nothing more than Google’s attempt to clone Facebook, the site has grown invaluable to millions for its sharing, learning and networking, not to mention content marketing.

Here are a few G+ facts that you need to know:
•    Between May and October of 2013, Google+ experienced a 58 percent increase in users.
•    Google+ is not just another interactive website. While it offers social interaction, it is part of an enormous network that includes, aside from the listed above, Google maps, earth, wallet, finance and Google search. Google Search is likely the most important feature non-G+ users may want to keep in mind.
•    Google’s search algorithm looks for engagement and response and relevance and already favors content that originates in Google+.
•    Content that is original, as well as site users that post regularly, rank higher in Google Search.
•    Google+ is an excellent resource for businesses – not only techies. It is quickly becoming the place for large corporations, management, technology, small businesses and international companies to connect and influence.

While Google admits there is a steep learning curve to G+ and have made efforts to simplify its platform, some still feel it’s too complicated. This is where hiring a professional content management coach can work to your benefit. An experienced professional can save you a lot of time and frustration by seamlessly integrating your brand into other Google products, such as Google Apps for business. As Google says, this is one platform where you get out what you put in!

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+

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