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The Continuing Evolution of Digital Publishing

Posted on 17 August 2014 by Stefanie

The Continuing Evolution of Digital PublishingIt’s an accepted norm these days to think ahead into the next decade. With the rapid advancements in technology, changes in how we do business and trends on how we do everything else, it’s not uncommon to read, hear or see individual people and large companies planning for the future.

One of fastest evolving trends on the market today is publishing. While the day of type print and hard covers are not completely extinct, they are on their way out. This old method of literature, which is still kindly referred to as the book, is quickly being replaced by its digital equal, the e-book. The concept of digital publishing matures each year, which has made it a multi-billion dollar business. It has also made it a much simpler way for potential authors to get their books out there.

Finalized numbers show that hardcover sales did suffer a small decline between 2008 and 2011, dropping from $5.2 billion in sales to $5 billion. However, during this same timeframe e-book sales grew at an alarming pace, from $64 million to an outstanding $3 billion. While many remain in denial that traditional publishing is suffering a slow, painful death, book publishers certainly know better.

Content is king, and it is thriving more now than ever before. With large online names like Amazon, book creators and authors are able to connect with their audience through technology. The days of old, meaning the once traditional infrastructure of distributing and selling books, has been replaced by online platforms. This new method has proven to be not only more efficient, but also more profitable. Digital publications are typically sold at a much lower price than print books and yield a much higher profit – anywhere from 41 percent to 75 percent.

Still, as with any growth, there are always growing pains and digital publishing is no exception. Experts such as Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu, a digital publishing platform, notes several of the trends that will help drive the digital evolution of publishing forward.

Content discovery
One thing the Internet has introduced to the world is endless content. Finding special-interest communities and relevant content online is near instantaneous and is an enormous benefit to digital publishing; a feature that print publishing cannot match. Publishing online means connections, sharing, discovering and even direct interaction with fans and other authors. More and more readers are coming together to digitally discuss their passions while they create and share content among their unique communities.

More than 140 characters
Statistics show that Twitter, in all its 140 characters, does have an integral part to play in the success of digital publishing. While Twitter’s short-form content may not be able to get the word out, at least not all of it, tech researchers have found that Twitter still serves a purpose. It’s known to act as a flag, a short-term teaser that alerts followers to long-term content.

Growth, growth, growth
Digital publication offers a unique proposition, one that allows mobile and online advertisers to easily identify their readers. Platforms track user interests, locations and activities, which in turn, allows advertisers to target their audience with relevant ads; another feature print cannot offer. Last year, digital advertising accounted for 22 percent of all U.S. advertising, totaling a hefty $110 billion.

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The Continuing Evolution of Digital Publishing

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