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Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Stefanie

Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are MakingWe all know how important social media is to the success of our business, but have you ever given thought to if you’re doing it correctly?  You may be surprised to learn that a great many social media users are not conducting themselves appropriately when it comes to online etiquette.

If you didn’t even know there was such as thing – as social media etiquette – you’re not alone. Turns out many businesses are conducting annoying social media habits. Here is a list of the most common inappropriate uses of social media and how these habits could be ineffectively, affecting you.

Too much talk
While the basis of social media is its interactive nature, one of the most common mistakes businesses make is to talk too much about themselves and their business. Offering valuable information to the point consumers can respond in kind, should be your goal. However, a lot of people post self-congratulatory updates and tweets that give readers the impression you’re only interested in you.

Failing to post at all

Perhaps you’ve finally resolved to not over-talk, but be careful about wandering to the extreme opposite end by not posting at all. Social media researchers have noticed a trend in those who let a few days slip past with any tweet or post. Once they do get back online they overdo it. Overcompensating is an excellent way to make your posting matters worse. It’s better to schedule posts or pace your tweets by using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Requesting a share
While one goal of social media is to spread your word, many users admit that being asked to share or retweet posts is annoying. Making the request is seen as needy and has the opposite effect you want, in that it tends to discourage others from sharing your post. If you’re sending the right content with the right people, they’ll voluntarily share.

Ignoring inquiries
Nearly every one of us has, at some time, been ignored by a company and can relate to the dissatisfying experience that came from it. Ignoring inquiries and neglecting to respond to your online customers is a mistake some businesses are making. If you have business-related inquiries streaming in from your social media pages, it’s just as important to answer them as if they were questioning you live and in person.

Overusing hashtags
Innovative techies are constantly introducing new ways for us to make every post and tweet count. Hashtags are a great way to help your content be found. They are also helpful for sorting, compiling and categorizing online information that users are looking for. But inundating your post with multiple hashtags only clogs up your post and comes across as unprofessional. A great rule of thumb is to limit yourself to two hashtags at a time.

Practicing proper social media etiquette is one of the easiest ways to get favorable online results for your efforts. Always remember you represent your brand, so be mindful of posting inappropriate material and always respond to your audience in a calm, friendly manner to gain all the marketing benefits offered by online platforms.

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making

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