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Subject: Is Your Name On the List Below?

Posted on 17 August 2009 by Stefanie

Subject:  Is Your Name On the List Below?
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Wow!  Who says Monday’s are boring?   This is so exciting!

Today is FINALLY the day I can REVEAL the proud winners of the Private JV Club Contest.

Here’s the story:

A few months ago, I asked several of my famous friends to participate in a joint venture contest to help unknowns get a big break.  Many agreed and the JV Club Contest was born.  After 6 weeks of coaching JV Members on how to write a proposal (or more than one), and how to choose a joint venture, and recording private phone calls on what the “players” where looking for in partners, aka “the inside scoop” – the proposals were submitted.

Then I had the task of tracking them down during their holidays, which was not easy.

But all the hard work of my staff and you, the Jv members has come to fruition!  Not only did the majority of “players” choose MORE THAN ONE JV club member as their winner, but they all agreed on long-term (and lifetime) partnerships.  That is a HUGE break for them.

The winners have all been emailed today – so check your inbox!

And hey – if you didn’t get chosen, you still won as you a) got your proposal read by people who have major connections and they will remember you and b) you took a BIG leap in learning how to structure a proposal, received free coaching, AND wrote it – a milestone for you.  Plus you now have a proposal you can tweak, perfect and re-send to anyone else.

Keep up the good work.  And by the way I have read over ALL of the proposals and will connect you to people I think can help you, plus I will do some JV’s with you myself.

Congratulations again!!

Even writing the darn proposal is a step that 99% of people DO NOT have the guts to do.  This puts YOU in a whole new league.  Congratulations for stepping out, putting yourself on the line and cracking out of your eggshell  - its about time!

For JV members go here to see the list of winners- the “players’ comments about you, some extra honorable mentions (as your name may be there too) and view the winning proposals for yourself – learn from those.  You may notice that the same person won in several categories – so read and learn – we will discuss why these won on the next JV club call – so join us.

For those not logged into the club – go here to see what all this fuss is about:

To join the JV Club go here:

Warmest Regards,

Stefanie Hartman

Subject:  Is Your Name On the List Below?

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Subject:  Is Your Name On the List Below?

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