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No Lists… No Money… No Risks…

Posted on 18 June 2008 by Stefanie

Would you like to expose your product or business to millions of targeted leads?

Joint Venture Marketing allows you to do that as well as…

  • Ethically borrow and steal free targeted WHITE HOT LEADS from your competition…with their full blessing & permission! Say hello to JV’s.
  • Gain thousands of leads without paying a dime for them…yes that’s right, you get them free and first hand as each lead PERSONALLY signs up for your newsletters, e-books or anything else you decide to offer. Say good-bye to pricy, risky, list buying! Say good-bye to ‘random leads’ wondering how they got onto your list. Say hello to JV’s.
  • Find super-affiliates who work around the clock and will promote your product for you…and if they don’t sell, you don’t pay them a dime. Say good-bye to paying staff and not getting results. Say hello to JV’s.
  • Pick a product launch date on your calendar and SELL-OUT your product or fill the seats in your workshops, in a few hours, days or weeks – even if you have no customers! Say hello to JV’s.
  • Gain credibility, recognition and exposure by aligning with powerful well known people for free. Say hello to JV’s.
  • Add powerful testimonials AND endorsements to your new product or service prior it even being sold. Ever wonder how marketers were doing that? You can even ask for product critique or advise form partners in this club. Say hello to JV’s.
  • Get free copies of software, e-books, and other treasured HOT new products to improve your business from partners who offer them to you even before the public is allowed to pay for them. Say hello to JV’s.
  • Need a product to sell? JV partners can offer theirs to you for ABOVE average commission rates, or you can find JV partners to co-create workshops, books, teleclasses, or products…often for free or shared profits. Say hello to JV’s.The list goes on and on and on.

It is a free marketing technique that has been proven to produce MASSIVE results overnight!

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No Lists… No Money… No Risks…

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  1. Amnon Mike Cohen Says:

    What is needed, is a web based Global Registry for new original projects for Investors to bid on by a process I have developed for The Super Economy proposal, or a similar web based hub for opportunities to meet needed capital and projects’ needs as posted and administrated by an expert system which is managed by a dedicated and well educated human team, a system more advanced then Amazon or Ebay type of services devoted to serving the new more fair and much more modern future economy where products and services and consumers are the winners, not by human manipulation and marketing, but by most honorable and accountable method to be developed from my proposal and as in my invention.
    For initial information, contact me at so I can share with you more confidential information, with my hope that Stefanie Hartman will also contact me for information on how her method can expend into more successful implementation beyond sharing advice and new knowhow.

  2. Joci James Says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    I like your “Hello JV’s idea. Is this a group or organzation?
    I would like more information on how to become involved. Very helpful article.

    Joci James

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