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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?

Posted on 06 February 2014 by Stefanie

If your answer to that is not a big fat YES, than you’ve got some work to do!

Almost any business person or marketer’s knee jerk reaction when you mention the word ‘competitor’ is an inner cringe.  It’s just the way most of us were raised to think…you’ve got to get ahead or you’ll fall behind, work harder than that other guy, win or lose – you’re either at the head of the game or you may as well not be playing!

But business has changed.

The economic upheaval that is all around is proving on a daily basis how much the old patterns and ways of doing things are falling away – and NOW is the time to be a part of the New Evolution of Business – which means updating your marketing strategy to work WITH your competitors for greater exposure and profit than ever before.

What do I mean by that?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Joint Ventures’.  Did you know that Joint Ventures are all around you?

When you go into Walmart and find a McDonald’s inside, that’s a Joint Venture.  When you go into Starbucks and use T-Mobile or Rogers WiFi, that’s a Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?Joint Venture.  When you watch Major League Baseball on NBC, it’s a Joint Venture.

There are countless examples of how corporations are using this powerful marketing strategy to increase their profits and recognition in leaps and bounds.  If corporations are the epitome of old-style, crush the competition business ways and they are using this technique, you know there’s something to it!

The truth is, entrepreneurs and small business’ are NOT taking advantage!

I’ve seen so much exciting evidence that the entrepreneurs of today have a ton of heart – you have an amazing product or service that you just want to share with the world – you want to make money, but you want to serve people too.

You’ve gotten that part of Abundance mentality down…but when it comes to actually partnering with the competition, I still see that people either don’t know enough about the ‘how’ to put it into action, or they’re afraid that it will do more harm than help (I mean, why am I going to promote someone that I’m up against?).

But it’s that exact thinking – that knee jerk reaction of being ‘against’ others in your niche – that could be causing you to fall behind and miss out on chances to grow!

If you’re an Abundance Thinker (or you want to be), it won’t take you long to see how working in collaboration with others can only help you.  Think of the benefits:

  • You build on mutual strengths for mutual benefit
  • It’s essentially free marketing – no cost, no risk
  • You get access to new technologies and new customers
  • You can learn innovations from people you work with that you may have never heard of otherwise
  • You’re getting your product or service to the market with greater speed and credibility
  • You get to offer exciting opportunities to your own subscribers that they may not have otherwise had access to, increasing your own value to them
  • You get to have FUN!

There are so many advantages to working in Joint Venture partnerships…it can truly be one of the most enriching experiences in life to find a group of like-minded people and set up a serving oriented community of collaboration – where instead of living in fear and competition, you can live a life of abundance and prosperity – and ditch the idea of trying to do it all on your own any longer!

As you can see, I am passionate about this stuff – and it’s because I’ve seen the evidence (over and over again) of how powerful this really is!

I’ve based my own successful marketing career and business around the power of collaboration, and I want to see YOU getting the benefit of this incredible marketing strategy too!  I’ve seen entrepreneurs missing out too many times…and you don’t want it to happen to you!

About the Author: Stefanie Hartman is an International Speaker, Mentor and Marketing Your Expertise Consultant. She is the founder of the home study program that teaches people how to discover their expertise and redefine their life & income through specific monetization strategies. She is also the Host of the TV Show “Big Ideas-Bite Sized. There is Power in 15 Mins” For more info visit:

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?

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