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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures have changed the way we do business just as the Internet has changed the way we find customers and deliver our goods, services and information. Together they make an incredible and extremely powerful ally.

Overall, think of Joint Ventures in the form of this picture:  Joint Ventures can bring customers from around the world directly into the palm of your hand.

JV’s may be the most powerful trend in the history of business in the America’s and fast becoming world-wide, followed by Asia Pacific region (China), then Europe (3rd) and then Japan and Africa – according to data collected by Thomson Financial.

A Joint Venture or “JV” can simply be two people (or companies) working together for a specific purpose. The purpose may vary; one time can it be to promote you, then the next time to promote your partner, or both at once.  Other purposes could be: to make money; to gain exposure; to enter a new territory or to market with the help of someone who has solid ground in that market’ another is to add a piece of technology to your product without re-inventing the wheel, etc.

It is an arrangement where businesses come together to share knowledge, resources, target and/or geographic markets, and profits. Joint ventures can take on various forms.

Think of Joint Ventures or JV’s as bringing you closer to your customer (almost directly) through the channel of another business, where you each create a win/win situation.  The benefit of this, besides the obvious cost savings of fewer sales people and high advertising costs, is that when both partners win, you both want to keep the partnership going and you will grow together in both profits and relationships.

Joint Ventures can be used to increase your publicity and put you in front of your target market.  They can also be used to launch a new product or service directly to your target market (with zero cost fees) through other people’s list(s).  You can use Joint Ventures to co-create products, books, seminars or communities with.

I created this section to fast-track finding marketing partners and learning about Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances and open to you the secrets, the tools, and the contact relationships that many of the most successful businesses use everyday.

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Joint Ventures
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