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Is it Really Possible to Achieve Work Life Balance?

Posted on 30 Jul 2013 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Tired of trying to stay on?

Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Are you tired of living from pay-check to pay-check?

Maybe you’re tired of 60-hour work weeks. Maybe your work life balance feels more like a pipe dream with the deadlines, pressures and late nights at the office that prevent you from having a happy, balanced home.

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8 Subliminal Messages

Posted on 03 Jul 2013 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment

Could you do something like this in your logo or book cover?  Watch the video by Robert Libetti, and seen on Business Insider, to view 8 subliminal messages in these logos that you have never noticed before.

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Healthy Office Snack

Posted on 01 Dec 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments

I don’t know about you, but because I have a home office, I tend to also be a grazer when it comes to food.  I am always hungry (like every 2 hours) and while my portion size is small I eat frequently.  Now that summer is here, that means short skirts and less clothes so I am making sure my snacks at work are healthy.

Just in case you are looking for some options to eat to keep your energy up and brain stimulated while your stomach is happy and your waist size doesn’t expand here are some of my tips, plus a recipe from Martha Stewart.

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What Kind of Heart Are You Showing in Your Advertising Techniques?

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According to a Yale psychology department study, there are ten words you should be using in your advertising techniques to get the most powerful responses:

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Cool Websites and Apps

Posted on 29 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments

I love finding cool Websites & Apps and wanted to pass them onto you.  Let me know if you have any cool websites or apps you want to share!

Website – – a site where you can park in driveways of people’s home and save 50% off parking costs near busy traffic areas.

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How can your small business compete against the mega-corporations that cater to the masses?

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“Are you ready to become the big fish in a small pond?” asks Scott Gerber of Entrepreneur Magazine. “From aquatic sporting goods for dogs to Michelle Obama-inspired fashion websites, niche products and services have the potential to generate big bucks if they capture the hearts, minds and wallets of a dedicated consumer base.”

As you know, I’m a huge believer in setting aside that “get the numbers -beat the competition” approach to business.   As our population ages — people aged forty and older now make up the largest adult population in North America — more and more entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities that are not only profitable, but meaningful.  This often leads to niche businesses — businesses that are tailored to specific markets that are often overlooked by the large franchises.

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How Do You Become an Expert in Your Niche Market?

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I read an interesting book called “Blink”1 by Malcolm Gladwell, who was recently called one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

He wrote about “Thin Slicing”, or the ability to get a fast amount of information (in the blink of an eye) when you’ve immersed yourself in its study.

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Are YOU Using A Sales and Marketing Calendar?

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As the New Year comes around I am mindful that the year end business quarter is ending.    It’s a great time to take stock of where you are, and maybe even readjust your strategy or note what is needed to add or change to achieve the goals you have set for the coming months.

The ability to readjust your approach or tactics as you go can mean the difference between successful marketing and sales fizzling.

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The Free Trade Experiment

Posted on 27 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 6 comments | Tags

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I just found this book that I thought was really interesting.  It’s called ‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely.  He’s a pretty interesting guy.  He is the James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight.  He did an experiment with giving away free items that marketers should read about.

Here’s a brief summary of one of his chapters:

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Are You Harnessing the Most Powerful Advertising Technique of All?

Posted on 27 Nov 2012 | Author Stefanie | Comments 1 comment | Tags

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There was a time, not so long ago, when consumers relied heavily on expensive paid advertising to make their spending decisions.  Remember this?

Before seeing that commercial, viewers may not even have known that their husbands were suffering disdain and mockery due to the rings around their collars.  Luckily, the commercial not only educated them about the dreadful plight of grey-collared office workers, but it also offered them a solution — Wisk Detergent.  They would be spared the shame that the poor woman on the commercial suffered.  Their washers wouldn’t taunt them each time they opened the door.

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