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How Workplace Design Can Enhance Performance

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If it’s been your goal to enhance employee performance by getting more productivity from them without adding to their workload, there are ways to accomplish this. It may surprise you that the décor, setting and the overall environment of your workplace has an enormous impact on how employees preform.

Since people are the engine to your company, it’s imperative to take workplace design into consideration. Just as your employees improve, adapt, grow and innovate, so should their work environment. Smart workspaces have proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to employee performance.

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Tips for the Entrepreneur: Crowdfunding 101

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You have a great business idea planned to the last detail and are ready to go forth. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your next obstacle will be to find some solid financial backing. Instead of the more traditional methods of loans or investors, modern business owners are taking to the alternative route of crowdfunding.

The basics of crowdfunding could not be simpler. It’s a process where aspiring new business owners raise small amounts of money from a large amount of people, usually via the Internet. Sound easy? Well, to a certain degree, it is. Before you begin your campaign it’s important to understand that there are rules in place that govern, or restrict, investment limits. You can learn more about the legalities of crowdfunding at the 2012 CrowdFund Act.

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How Your Online Presence Can Affect Your Offline Business Credit

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From acquiring leads to performing credit checks, banks are using social media in ways consumers least expect. According to a CII-PwC survey, 63 percent of respondents confirm that their bank uses social media to gain leads while 50 percent were honing in on social media aggregators to interpret data.

You may now be wondering what all this has to do with the average consumer and even more so with the average business owner. Not only are banks tapping social media platforms to garner new business, they are also exploring online pages and profiles in order to influence their lending decisions.

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Crowdfunding, Books and Author Success – The New Paradigm?

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Once upon a time, authors submitted their manuscripts to an agent, who then submitted that manuscript to a publisher. A decision was made whether to publish the work, and the author would receive an advance, less the agent’s fee, of course. That’s still the case for many authors, or at least those going the traditional publishing route, but the world of self-publishing has radically altered the landscape, and there are a few things you need to know.

No Advance

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A Niche Can Make You Rich: A Proven Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing Strategy

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Niches are a perfect solution for the entrepreneur combining it with Internet marketing. What is Niche Marketing and why does it have outstanding long-term potential? A Niche is a small neglected corner of a larger Internet market the entrepreneur can exploit. The successful entrepreneur knows that Internet marketing to a niche audience creates the perfect marriage. Long-term potential comes from loyal customers finally finding answers to problems that plague them but mass marketers ignore. Large corporations are not interested in serving a niche that only adds $2,000 – $15,000 a month to their profits. But an entrepreneur makes a handsome profit by zealously delivering value to the niche through internet marketing.  Essentially, while everyone is fighting over a particular fish, while at the same time there could be a huge amount of other fish that none of your competitors are seeing.

Entrepreneurial Passion An entrepreneur must have passion for the niche that inspires energy to make it all happen. Consider skills, hobbies, or products you know, and find interesting. An entrepreneur with a passion for a niche product but lacking expertise spends time researching it. The successful entrepreneur follows the time-proven Internet marketing formula of solving other people’s problems. The majority of the more than 62 billion monthly Internet searches involve people looking for solutions to problems. The Entrepreneur serves niches by uncovering problems people are looking to solve and deploying an Internet marketing strategy providing answers. You want to become the internet marketing expert these people turn to.

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Crowdfunding Equity for your Business

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Lynne Blanchard, one of my top clients alerted me to crowdfunding for your Business and I wanted to pass this info onto you.  In the link you will see her contact info if you’d like to ask her for more information.

“We’re looking at a major paradigm shift both for companies and investors in terms of the motivations for why people invest, changing from return on investment to return on involvement,” says Lyn Blanchard, President of Creekstone Consulting.

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Does Starting an Online Business Isolate You?

Posted on 16 Jun 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 50 comments | Tags

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RICK FRISHMAN - Author 101

New York News! Need your input…

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