Joint Ventures

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Working With Your Competitor?

Posted on 06 Feb 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments 2 comments | Tags

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If your answer to that is not a big fat YES, than you’ve got some work to do!

Almost any business person or marketer’s knee jerk reaction when you mention the word ‘competitor’ is an inner cringe.  It’s just the way most of us were raised to think…you’ve got to get ahead or you’ll fall behind, work harder than that other guy, win or lose – you’re either at the head of the game or you may as well not be playing! But business has changed.

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How can your small business compete against the mega-corporations that cater to the masses?

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“Are you ready to become the big fish in a small pond?” asks Scott Gerber of Entrepreneur Magazine. “From aquatic sporting goods for dogs to Michelle Obama-inspired fashion websites, niche products and services have the potential to generate big bucks if they capture the hearts, minds and wallets of a dedicated consumer base.”

As you know, I’m a huge believer in setting aside that “get the numbers -beat the competition” approach to business.   As our population ages — people aged forty and older now make up the largest adult population in North America — more and more entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities that are not only profitable, but meaningful.  This often leads to niche businesses — businesses that are tailored to specific markets that are often overlooked by the large franchises.

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Business Olympians

Posted on 04 Oct 2010 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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What an incredible event we just had in Vancouver!  Wow.

This event was held for my PRIVATE Mastermind Group – This year’s “Business Olympians”.  We took 16 members out of 40 applications. There is ONLY one Private Mastermind offered each year.

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Wow! Lessons Learned…

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Why to Stretch Yourself…

I just returned from speaking at Nick Nanton’s VIP (and Private) mastermind event in New York City.  I LOVE LOVE, (did I mention) LOVE NYC!

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Shocked by your comments to me…

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Thank you so much for all the incredible responses about my “dilemma” of whether to move forward with another Inner Circle group or restructure it.  I was thrilled to see how many smart & empathetic people are out there – and wow – all on my list.  That was so great – awesome advice for any business owner going through the same thing.  I suggest you do a quick read.  It may very well help you in your business.  Click Here

I was shocked though at not only the time many people put into their posts to me but how many people, even those who desperately want to re-new the mastermind this year, were telling me it would be sad for them, but they would support me if I closed it down as they want what is BEST for ME.

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Microsoft, Google seal search deals with Twitter

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I found this article that I wanted to share with you.

Alexei Oreskovic of Thompson Reuters has written an article about a Joint Venture you should know about.

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A Busy Month

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OK. What happened this month?  August was fun, then for some reason everyone I know practically contacted me or is doing something this month. Typically we promote maybe 2-4 events per year for others, so if its weirding you out that this past week we’ve sent 3 – then don’t worry its weirding me out too.    Bu the good news is they are all REALLY cool events that I just wanted to make you aware of (as personally I hate missing out on stuff).

Here’s some things that we are going too:

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Subject: Is Your Name On the List Below?

Posted on 17 Aug 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Image by wsh1266 via Flickr

Wow!  Who says Monday’s are boring?   This is so exciting!

Today is FINALLY the day I can REVEAL the proud winners of the Private JV Club Contest.

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Speaking of Great Advertising Techniques…

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Humor is always a good one!

Enjoy, and smile as you go through the rest of your week!

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New York, New York – Gotta love it!

Posted on 26 May 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 11 comments | Tags

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Quick note…

I’m on my way to New York City for a few days.  I LOVE this city.

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