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A Niche Can Make You Rich: A Proven Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing Strategy

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Niches are a perfect solution for the entrepreneur combining it with Internet marketing. What is Niche Marketing and why does it have outstanding long-term potential? A Niche is a small neglected corner of a larger Internet market the entrepreneur can exploit. The successful entrepreneur knows that Internet marketing to a niche audience creates the perfect marriage. Long-term potential comes from loyal customers finally finding answers to problems that plague them but mass marketers ignore. Large corporations are not interested in serving a niche that only adds $2,000 – $15,000 a month to their profits. But an entrepreneur makes a handsome profit by zealously delivering value to the niche through internet marketing.  Essentially, while everyone is fighting over a particular fish, while at the same time there could be a huge amount of other fish that none of your competitors are seeing.

Entrepreneurial Passion An entrepreneur must have passion for the niche that inspires energy to make it all happen. Consider skills, hobbies, or products you know, and find interesting. An entrepreneur with a passion for a niche product but lacking expertise spends time researching it. The successful entrepreneur follows the time-proven Internet marketing formula of solving other people’s problems. The majority of the more than 62 billion monthly Internet searches involve people looking for solutions to problems. The Entrepreneur serves niches by uncovering problems people are looking to solve and deploying an Internet marketing strategy providing answers. You want to become the internet marketing expert these people turn to.

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The Win-Win-Win Incentive Marketing Strategy

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You may never have heard about an incentive marketing strategy, but certainly, you have participated in someway. Also known as Freebie Marketing, this marketing strategy motivates consumers with some type of reward. The reward varies greatly depending on thousands of variables but almost all product sales will be boosted with an incentive marketing strategy.

Coupons and rebates are a couple of the most recognized incentive marketing strategies but new and very imaginative strategies can be much more effective. The Internet has become a virtual playground for the incentive marketing strategy.

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Author Digital Marketing Strategy One

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Thank you so much for your comments on the latest blog posts. Because of the overwhelming response I will continue sharing some insider information on books, marketing, and publishing.  As many of you know, my roots began with dissecting marketing campaigns to see how and why they worked and what, if any, could be duplicated.  This is actually how I put together most of my material.

Therefore I am particularly excited about the next few short, yet inspiring (hopefully) marketing ideas I’ll be sending your way.

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Hot Tips for Book Marketing

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Book marketing and Book Promotion should of great importance to you as an author and know that this is definitely the case where your publisher is concerned. Without a solid book Marketing plan many book authors can experience the ebb and flow of book sales when they first start out. Some never break out of this daunting cycle. They don’t experience the flow of good sales that comes with a consistent marketing plan.

In fact, to increase your daily sales you must have a book marketing / promotion plan put into place that shows the publisher you are marketing to your audience on a daily basis.

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Thanks to E-Books, Book Publishers Find Flat Is The New Up

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In a recent article by Laura Hazard Owen,  Large book publishers’ most recent earnings reports reflect a new normal: Revenues are roughly flat, but profits are up—in large part due to e-books.

In the 2011 Bertelsmann annual report released this week, Random House said it has nearly 40,000 titles available as e-books worldwide, and while revenues were down for the year, “operating EBIT was higher year on year, especially in the United States. This rise was helped by continued cost-cutting measures and lower return rates in North America and the United Kingdom due to increased e-book sales.”

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Comparing E-Readers: Kindle Vs. Nooks vs. Sony Vs. KOBO

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Found an article from Amanda Natividad that compares the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony eReaders for you.  This is good to know but even better as we get close to the holidays!  Any of these on your wish list?

E-Readers have come a long way, some are touchscreens, some are keyboards, some are in color and some are mimicking the ink of an actual book (E ink pearl).  They are compact, all about 6″ or 7″ and less than 1/2 inch thick.  The simple E-Readers are around $100 to $150 and the more deluxe can go all the way up to $400.

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Warning for e-Books on Amazon

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Just read this today and wanted to pass it onto you.  Here’s a warning for self-published authors on Amazon, that’s including e-books.

[The article below was written by Laura Hazard]

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MUST Read…Publishing Changes and New Trends

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Is there opportunity here or not for you?

I am fascinated by all the changes happening in the book industry and publishing world right now.  We are truly smack dab in the middle of a major historical shift.  I have called several book industry people and no-one seems to know what will die or how it will be reborn, but they all agree this is a very interesting time in history.  They are taking the famous “wait and see approach”.

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Authors Getting Real About Social Media

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Here is the tenth installment I found on book tours, from a company that is closing their doors soon, so I thought I would pass it on to you guys!  There is a lot of different ways to use social media for your promotions and launches including your book tour.  I like how Kevin approaches this subject, he talks about knowing your target market and using the right tools for it.  When you think about your audience think about them in all their dimensions, paint a 3D picture of them.  What age/sex/gender are they?  Where do they like to hang out?  What is their lifestyle like?  Knowing this will help you reach them more efficiently. 

When you are ready check out your social media tools at

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How to give a great event

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Here is the next of the installments I found on book tours, from a company that is closing their doors soon, so I thought I would pass it on to you!  I do really enjoy being at a great event.  In this article Kevin will give you some tips and pay attention to how to jazz up your event and create a unique and engaging experience for the attendee.

Here’s some of my Golden Rules for speakers:

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