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New Rules for Old Marketing Strategies

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There’s no denying it. Marketing strategies have changed, and they’ve changed a lot. While the role of marketing may not have changed – in that the goal is still to meet the needs and wants of consumers — other factors such as corporate attitude, marketing approaches — not to mention marketing function — and the power dynamic between buyer and seller certainly have. These extensive changes are, for the most part, due to the rapid evolution of technology.

The changes in technology are doubling its pace each year. Today’s marketers are now faced with the additional challenge of working with devices that allow consumers quick and easy access to an endless portal. This facilitated and evolving technology has changed the way businesses connect, collect information and interact. In an attempt to keep up, experts suggest doing whatever it takes:

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The Continuing Evolution of Digital Publishing

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It’s an accepted norm these days to think ahead into the next decade. With the rapid advancements in technology, changes in how we do business and trends on how we do everything else, it’s not uncommon to read, hear or see individual people and large companies planning for the future.

One of fastest evolving trends on the market today is publishing. While the day of type print and hard covers are not completely extinct, they are on their way out. This old method of literature, which is still kindly referred to as the book, is quickly being replaced by its digital equal, the e-book. The concept of digital publishing matures each year, which has made it a multi-billion dollar business. It has also made it a much simpler way for potential authors to get their books out there.

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How Workplace Design Can Enhance Performance

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If it’s been your goal to enhance employee performance by getting more productivity from them without adding to their workload, there are ways to accomplish this. It may surprise you that the décor, setting and the overall environment of your workplace has an enormous impact on how employees preform.

Since people are the engine to your company, it’s imperative to take workplace design into consideration. Just as your employees improve, adapt, grow and innovate, so should their work environment. Smart workspaces have proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to employee performance.

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Tips for the Entrepreneur: Crowdfunding 101

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You have a great business idea planned to the last detail and are ready to go forth. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your next obstacle will be to find some solid financial backing. Instead of the more traditional methods of loans or investors, modern business owners are taking to the alternative route of crowdfunding.

The basics of crowdfunding could not be simpler. It’s a process where aspiring new business owners raise small amounts of money from a large amount of people, usually via the Internet. Sound easy? Well, to a certain degree, it is. Before you begin your campaign it’s important to understand that there are rules in place that govern, or restrict, investment limits. You can learn more about the legalities of crowdfunding at the 2012 CrowdFund Act.

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Online Marketing Tip: Learn to Like Google+

Posted on 15 Aug 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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These days our devices may be overloaded with platform choices and knowing which ones to choose can be overwhelming. However, making hasty decisions could cost you in the long run, especially if you’re involved in online marketing.  Although there are other social media networks known for their ability to share and comment, Google+ continues to gain popularity.

While some joke that only Google employees use Google+, this fast-growing social sharing option has exceeded 540 million users, 300 million of which are active on a monthly basis. Not exactly the Google ghost town others are claiming. Aside from posting and plusing, Google is also a leader in search engine optimization and Google Authorship, two important factors any content marketer needs to care about. Moreover, Google is responsible for Google images, drive, docs, gmail, YouTube and analytics, and are not the networking site to ignore.

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Is It True? Are Business Women Dominating the Social Media World? Yes, Say Experts

Posted on 14 Aug 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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It’s difficult not to notice how technology and social media have affected the lives of nearly everyone. In our heads-down society – as we text and tweet away – it’s hard not to get caught up in the social media storm. It’s enough to leave anyone wondering who then, are these people buzzing through the lines of our lives? You may be surprised (or not) to learn it’s women, not men, who lead the pack when it comes to online socializing.

The lead is so large, in fact, that experts say women now dominate nearly every social media network out there. As with all rules, there’s always an exception, and in this case, it’s LinkedIn. This professional networking site is the one place where male users outnumber their female counterparts. Otherwise, sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest boast more women than men. And not just by small margins.

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Do You Have Bad Social Media Habits? Find Out What Common Mistakes Businesses Are Making

Posted on 13 Aug 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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We all know how important social media is to the success of our business, but have you ever given thought to if you’re doing it correctly?  You may be surprised to learn that a great many social media users are not conducting themselves appropriately when it comes to online etiquette.

If you didn’t even know there was such as thing – as social media etiquette – you’re not alone. Turns out many businesses are conducting annoying social media habits. Here is a list of the most common inappropriate uses of social media and how these habits could be ineffectively, affecting you.

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Workplace Stress and Mortality: Are They Related?

Posted on 12 Aug 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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Workplace pressures continue to be a major source of stress for the average adult. Studies remain conclusive that job related stress has escalated progressively over the last decade as more and more workers report experiencing less control and more demands. This model of scientific study – high demands, little employee control – concludes what the working population has assumed for decades: that this class of workers is at the highest risk for cardiovascular disease.

As a matter of fact, a report published by the American Institute of Stress says that job related stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than family or financial issues. They also report that while 80 percent of workers say they experience workplace stress on a daily basis, nearly 40 percent of them admit they need help learning how to manage this stress.

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How Your Online Presence Can Affect Your Offline Business Credit

Posted on 08 Aug 2014 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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From acquiring leads to performing credit checks, banks are using social media in ways consumers least expect. According to a CII-PwC survey, 63 percent of respondents confirm that their bank uses social media to gain leads while 50 percent were honing in on social media aggregators to interpret data.

You may now be wondering what all this has to do with the average consumer and even more so with the average business owner. Not only are banks tapping social media platforms to garner new business, they are also exploring online pages and profiles in order to influence their lending decisions.

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