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Crowdfunding, Books and Author Success – The New Paradigm?

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Once upon a time, authors submitted their manuscripts to an agent, who then submitted that manuscript to a publisher. A decision was made whether to publish the work, and the author would receive an advance, less the agent’s fee, of course. That’s still the case for many authors, or at least those going the traditional publishing route, but the world of self-publishing has radically altered the landscape, and there are a few things you need to know.

No Advance

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Applying the Principles of Marketing Warfare to Small Businesses

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Ask any seasoned business owner what they think the most important part of running a successful business is. Nine times out of ten, they’ll tell you that marketing is the most vital piece of the business puzzle. The same is true especially for those who own and operate a small business or startup. However, most small businesses cannot afford to pursue the same marketing strategies that larger companies can use. Due to this inequality in resources, small businesses are often forced to chase after alternate marketing strategies. During their search for a viable strategy, small businesses often stumble across what is called as marketing warfare strategies.

Business As War?

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Full Tilt Marketing Message

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A Niche Can Make You Rich: A Proven Entrepreneur’s Internet Marketing Strategy

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Niches are a perfect solution for the entrepreneur combining it with Internet marketing. What is Niche Marketing and why does it have outstanding long-term potential? A Niche is a small neglected corner of a larger Internet market the entrepreneur can exploit. The successful entrepreneur knows that Internet marketing to a niche audience creates the perfect marriage. Long-term potential comes from loyal customers finally finding answers to problems that plague them but mass marketers ignore. Large corporations are not interested in serving a niche that only adds $2,000 – $15,000 a month to their profits. But an entrepreneur makes a handsome profit by zealously delivering value to the niche through internet marketing.  Essentially, while everyone is fighting over a particular fish, while at the same time there could be a huge amount of other fish that none of your competitors are seeing.

Entrepreneurial Passion An entrepreneur must have passion for the niche that inspires energy to make it all happen. Consider skills, hobbies, or products you know, and find interesting. An entrepreneur with a passion for a niche product but lacking expertise spends time researching it. The successful entrepreneur follows the time-proven Internet marketing formula of solving other people’s problems. The majority of the more than 62 billion monthly Internet searches involve people looking for solutions to problems. The Entrepreneur serves niches by uncovering problems people are looking to solve and deploying an Internet marketing strategy providing answers. You want to become the internet marketing expert these people turn to.

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The Win-Win-Win Incentive Marketing Strategy

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You may never have heard about an incentive marketing strategy, but certainly, you have participated in someway. Also known as Freebie Marketing, this marketing strategy motivates consumers with some type of reward. The reward varies greatly depending on thousands of variables but almost all product sales will be boosted with an incentive marketing strategy.

Coupons and rebates are a couple of the most recognized incentive marketing strategies but new and very imaginative strategies can be much more effective. The Internet has become a virtual playground for the incentive marketing strategy.

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Healthy Office Snack

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I don’t know about you, but because I have a home office, I tend to also be a grazer when it comes to food.  I am always hungry (like every 2 hours) and while my portion size is small I eat frequently.  Now that summer is here, that means short skirts and less clothes so I am making sure my snacks at work are healthy.

Just in case you are looking for some options to eat to keep your energy up and brain stimulated while your stomach is happy and your waist size doesn’t expand here are some of my tips, plus a recipe from Martha Stewart.

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What Kind of Heart Are You Showing in Your Advertising Techniques?

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According to a Yale psychology department study, there are ten words you should be using in your advertising techniques to get the most powerful responses:

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