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Thank you for being you!

Posted on 26 Nov 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 13 comments | Tags

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Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving whether you are enjoying it with friends and family or taking a relaxing time out for yourself.  How wonderful it is that we have a whole day devoted to thanking others and thinking about what we are grateful for.

I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful to have you in my life!  You are amazing.  You are valued and appreciated.  What you do and are meant to do on this planet is important – for yourself and others.

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It’s my birthday today!!!

Posted on 18 Nov 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 48 comments

Scorpio Horoscope

And no I’m not telling you my age yet – I need to sit with it (over a martini and cake tonight) until I feel like I “own” it. LOL.

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Connect to your true mission on earth

Posted on 16 Nov 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments 3 comments | Tags

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This past Saturday I was speaking at Scott Paton’s Podcasting Bootcamp with SEO expert Dan Deyette, Perceptual Positioning Guru Stefan Stavrakis and Traffic Geyser creator Frank Sousa.

If you had a chance to view it live via the web, you were lucky as there was a limited amount of spots due to bandwidth, there were lots of giveaways.  Lots of fun!  I’m not sure if Scott will be releasing the recording, but I’ll keep you updated as he took participants through a step by step process to create and upload their podcast.

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Gift from Podcasting Scott for 50 Friends only!

Posted on 12 Nov 2009 | Author Stefanie | Comments No comments | Tags

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This weekend I am speaking at the Podcast Bootcamp in Vancouver, BC.

It is a two day event hosted by my good friend, Scott Paton, The Dean of Blogonomics and Podology. Scott has been teaching 1000′s of entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and trainers around the world, how to leverage the massive popularity of iPhones, iPods and what he calls “The Un-Web”.

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