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Lessons From NYC

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Tania (our Director of Operations) and I are back from our New York Trip.  We went there to meet with some CEO’s and outstanding people to plan some great partnerships, alliances and events next year.  I was also being filmed for an Internet marketing magazine coming out next year called    I have traveled all over the world but this was my first trip to the Big Apple. And I have to say while I love the west coast and the beauty and good weather that it brings, I really am a big city girl at heart.  Tania and I also fell in love with the people. New Yorkers (we found) were generous, really intelligent and ready to make things happen – which we loved.  I am a “walker” not a talker so obviously I was in heaven there.   The weather was actually better than on the west coast, I believe due to the hurricane that pased by Florida. It was a simple reminder of how good things can come from the bad.   We did a little shopping, mostly had meetings with people, and then I made a point to pay my respects at ground zero.  Being there in person and speaking to my New York friends about it, it was easy to feel what a monumental life changing event that day was.  This may sound strange, but you could feel peace and love (and still a little bit of confusion) around this site, something that was unexpected to me.  I expected to feel fear and destruction only.  I think this event brought many inner heroes out and bonded humanity.    I was told that there are some people who understandably want to forget that day, for their own reasons. I was also told that many people who helped with the rescue (in a few minutes they actually had 30,000 volunteers at the site), have health problems today and unable to work or find jobs.  They are outcasts to those who want to forget.    These are ALL HEROES.  People brought food, shelter, lights, and offered themselves up, even putting themselves in harm’s way, and never thought twice about it.  That day there was some acts of pure selfishness, but they were outnumbered by the massive actions of many of pure love and unselfishness.  That may be why that is the overwhelming energy left there (as far as I felt).  What an incredible lesson that even through acts of fear, it is no match for the counteraction of decency, love and generosity of the human spirit.  “Doing” not just thinking, but taking positive action on whatever it is that you know is important in the world, will help others and is truly what you were meant to do – then please do it!  Jump in, as those people did at ground zero.  They knew they needed to take action and didn’t think about it. They just did it.  Imagine how powerful your life would become if you applied that same energy, that same immediate urgency to your own life, to your own dreams.   This can be a time when the destructive energy of “fear” may be creeping into our lives.  This can also be a time when there is massive opportunity.   I don’t know about you, but the next time I get down about something I am definitely going to remember how important positive ACTIONS are to getting rid of any fears and doubts I may have.  I am jumping into my life!!!   Have a great week! Stefanie Hartman

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News and Updates

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Breakthrough Event Fun Offer update / News from head office Apprentice(s) wanted

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who attended the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Weekend.  I have attended many seminars in my life, and never have I seen the room buzzing with excitement and ideas and joy 2.5 hours after the event ended!  That is truly incredible; in fact we have to politely kick people out of the room so the hotel could get their room back. LOL.

This was truly a special event.

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